Thursday, August 19, 2010

Following the leader...

So, I have a lot of people reading the blog and sending messages but only 6 followers. Following a blog makes getting updates easier and faster. You should follow. In an attempt to, well, lead the way, I have followed my own stinkin' blog! Here are some quick and easy steps...

1. visit your favorite blog. I'm going to do this for and then you can too!

2. Now you are looking for the Follow with Google Friend Connect button. This is located on my blog on the middle to bottom right hand side of the screen.

3. Now all you have to do is click
4. Now select with your preferred service. If you don't have service with any of the listed, google is simple to sign up for. Just click sign up with google and then create an account.
5. Depending on your provider, your process for following will look different. When I followed via google, I had to select a thumbnail picture and that was just about it.
Once you are a follower of, you can sign up for email updates/news from the blog. The bonus is that if you have a blog, (and you join publicly) people can link to your personal blog and your hits will go up as well.
SO, now that you have the know how, get to it. And once you join, head over to I am going to be featured on this blog in a few days! More will come for sure. Until next time, have a magical day!...I always wanted to say that!

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  1. Have a magical day! Yay! I love calling WDW, just because they always say that when they hang up. =)