Sunday, December 19, 2010

Packing For the Parks

Packing For the Parks
What in the heck are you going to pack when you head to the parks.  Depending on who you are this answer may be a variety of configurations.  But, for me the essentials for a park visit are not much more than what I carry around on a day to day basis.  Of course there are seasonal considerations (for example the ever so stylish poncho makes an appearance during summer rain season) here is what I took on my last trip.  I am working right now on a post that I am going to be calling it "Don't be "that guy" at the Bag Check" (I am totally for real about that.  Look out for it soon!).  Any rate, here is another one of those super fun styleboard, or for today I'll call it bagboard.  I plan on "unpacking" each item below as well as giving you websites for the "non-everyday" items.  Hopefully it will help you pack for the parks!
What's in my bag?...

Vera Bradley Backpack
in Very Berry Paisley
You are going to want a spacious yet small bag that is easy to get around the parks with.  This Vera Bradley bag is cute and convenient for toting everything you'll need for a day in the parks.

Fossil "Long Live Vintage" Zippered Coin Purse
in turquoise
I really like this coin purse because it has just the right amount of space for my credit cards, license, and of course my Key to the World.  I really like the ID viewer on the side because I can slip in my Key to the World and my fastpasses for easy access!

Hello Kitty Pill Case
Polka Dot Heart
I prefer taking this pill case around rather than a bottle of Advil and a bottle of allergy medicine, and whatever else.  This pill case lets me have what I need for emergencies without all the clutter.

Other Necessities that can be purchased at any drug store (CVS, Target, Walgreen's, etc.)

Lip Balm
I can't stand to be without lip balm so it goes with me wherever I go!

Yep, even in the winter I lather up with some sun protection

Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
There are a lot of germs out there.  I use anti bacterial hand sanitizer all the time (think about all the people that touched the same handle that you touched or clipped in their safety strap, or whatever...that makes me sound that a germ freak...I'm not...:) )

I don't really need to say anything else about that

A retractable Sharpie
This will come in especially helpful if you are doing any character meet and greet signings

Cell Phone

Flip Cam
I love the small size and ease of recording with my flip cam.  I used mine to gather "data" :D for the blog on my last trip.  It was super easy to use and then to upload the videos and use them once I got back home!

Point and shoot camera like the Nikon Cool Pics
I am seriously going to get this camera.  I LOVE my digital SLR (Nikon D60) but carrying it around everyday of my trip can be a bit much (especially when you take into account the accessories I have to carry around in my camera backpack in order to have a lot of shooting options).  Knowing me I'll still haul around the SLR...I LOVE that stinkin' thing after all!

Water Bottle
as I have mentioned earlier, you can bring in your own food/drinks so I always throw a water in my tote.  Hydration people.  Especially in the Summer!

The papers on the bagboard above are items I like to carry with me in my park bag.  These items can be put into a clear report cover (I have one on the bagboard above).  You can fill this with important information.  You can create FREE customizable park maps on the Disney site (go there easily through my pulse on the parks page) to help you maneuver the parks (especially if you are a newbie to Disney).  I also like to put the parks times and information flyers in this folder (you can get those at guest services and they cover a week at the parks).  Finally I am excited to announce a planning document I have created called a DISview.  This packet allows you to customize the information for your trip.  You can find it here...soon!.) 

I hope this bagboard helps you to plan when packing for the parks! 


  1. Thanks for the advice! It will be our first yripwith the kids thia november. i am getting them each thwir own disney fanny pack so thwy can carry their own water, small snack and camera. I have a vera bradley backpack just like yours but in the doodle daisy pattern. I was so excited to use it for Disney but then i heard the news.... Vera bradley is coming out with a disney line in the fall! Looks like mommy will be getting a new backpack for disney! Lol

  2. Great! I'm glad I could help! What a great idea to give each kid a bag! I'm excited about the Disney Vera Bradley...looks like I might be getting a new backpack for Disney! :D Have a MAGCIAL day!