Thursday, January 13, 2011

As the Stage Turns: Revolving through the Seasons on the Carousel of Progress

It is no secret that I love Disney World.  (You can remove the look of shock from your face :) )  I love the vision that makes the place so great- combining old and new and keeping the wonder and magic of childhood at the heart of it all.  One of my absolute favorite rides at Disney World is the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.  I love the history of the ride, it feels like Walt's spirit is kept alive in this tried and true Disney favorite.  I can remember being amazed by the entire thing as a child.  A Walt original, this ride has made its home in Tomorrowland shining as a beacon of Walt's vision.  It is for this reason that just the smells of the ride conjure up childhood days and no matter how many times I pass through those hallowed scenes I always go away smiling (and singing). There is no way you can put up with the antics of good old Uncle Orville, timeless Rover, or the futuristic turkey in the oven and not feel like a kid.   The goal of this post is just to refresh you at the end of your work/school/...snow ;) week with some things I have learned on my many rides around the Carousel.  My goal is that you will go away from this post with the same content smile and song in your head as I do, "after all, it is a GREAT, big, BEAUTIFUL tomorrow!". 
Alright, let's start of with a Youtube video from the Carousel of Progress  this is from ru42's channel

Things they Carousel of Progress has taught me so far...
- Rover never ages.  Ever. 

- Each of the four seasons (over  a long period of years) is represented in the carousel of progress (1st scene Valentine's Day (we will go with this being spring because it is close enough , 2nd scene is the Fourth of July, 3rd scene is Halloween, and the 4th Scene is Christmas . 

-There are a lot of hidden Disney touches (all kinds of hidden Mickey's in the last scene).

- According to John flight, self cleaning ovens, Lindberg wont make it.  However John does make quiet a few prophetic guesses about progress though.

- If you over think the time line (yielding an extremely long life span for John and Sarah and family ) your brain will hurt.  Just go with it.

-Uncle Orville is always up to shenanigans.

- Each scene is set in the kitchen... I venture to say that's because the kitchen is the heart of the home (in my humble opinion).

-Catch a Disney version of Modern Marvels lesson in each scene as house hold appliances, transportation, and people of the time are highlighted.

-Grandma is a closet boxing fan.  And a not so closet virtual video gamer. Busted!

- Sarah (the Mother) is always busy doing something, ironing, planning out an Independence Day celebration,  re-arranging her rumpus room, setting up the voice command. That Lady is busy.  Meanwhile her husband is relaxing for 75% of the time.

- That bum Uncle Orville pretty much invented AC.

-That song will be stuck in your head (that isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Well, I feel like we need to go grab some chicken nuggets at Cosmic Ray's or perhaps take in the second showing of Wishes! .  Thanks for entertaining my ramblings!  Have a great big beautiful tomorrow. 


  1. This attraction is one of my top 10 attractions in Disney World. I am obsessed with it. I listen to the song on my iPhone all the time and definitely sing it out loud during the attraction (eventhough my wife nudges me to stop). What can I say, this ride is extra special. Perhaps it is the fact that Walt Disney himself created it and presented it at the World's Fair. So, if you are in WDW - be sure to have a seat and enjoy the ride. "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Just A Day Away" - this is a great motto for life. Thanks Walt!

  2. You know how much I enjoy riding all sorts of rides, but The Carousel of Progress has to be one of my favorite attractions out of all of the Disney parks. I enjoyed looking for the hidden Mickey's the last time I was there. (Thank you for pointing those out to me!) I also have fond memories of riding it as a child and thought the virtual reality was the coolest thing. Adding to what Rich said, I sing the song and have no shame! My dad sings along as well, and he's not usually a singer.