Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dream Along with Ashley!

Today I am snowed in (in South Carolina speak: We got 6 inches of snow...which is covered in 1/2 inch of ice. We got a mess). So, because we got the "crunchy" variety of snow (I much prefer the "smooth" because you can play in in). So here I sit unable to make a snowman, "movied" out, on the verge of cabin fever and it comes to me to do a little Disney Dreaming. So, here is what's on the menu: We are gonna plan a fabulous trip for the first week of February! We are going to eat at the finest restaurants, stay at the most luxurious on site hotel, go to special events, the sky is the limit...this is an imaginary trip planning session. So, dream along with me!

Step 1:  Ok First things first, we are going to be using the Walt Disney World planning tool on the Disney World official site.  We aren't going to even look up special offers because in our imaginary world, money doesn't really matter. 
- first let's select dates.  I am really interested in a special event at Epcot on February 5th called "Love is Magical".  This event requires a ticket (but fear not we'll cover that) and revolves around the new trading pins themed for this event.  Attendees will be able to make 3 event trade coupons, get a special mystery jumbo pin by trading in a regular pin (this is called the Sweetheart Trade), and because it is Valentine's that means sweets (in the form of a dessert bar!!!).  one word: CHOCOLATE!!!  I am there (in my dreams of course!).  Get more info on the event here!  ... all that said, let's go to Disney February 5-11th.  A nice time of the year to go to Disney if I do say so myself!
-let's make this trip for 2 adults (just because...although I don't have a significant other at the moment if any young men who love Jesus want to take me to my favorite place (DW) at my favorite time of the year (Valentine's Day) then I would be fine with that).
so here we are, screen one of our Disney Destiny!

Step 2:
I want luxury.  I want a plush stay.  And I don't care who knows it.  (Disclaimer:  I am not a fussy girl in real life only in my dreams!).  So I picked a two bedroom suite at the Grand Floridian.  Lucky us! 
Now, remember that this is pretend and that I picked bells and whistles.  You could do this same resort for much less. 
I'll tinker with Dining later so you can see that too.


Notice please that I went with the park hopper and water park option.  Park hopper is necessity.  Water park...a girl can dream.

Step 3:
Let's EAT!  So I picked for us the ....
what the heck:  we need a massage, a firework cruise, admission to Cirqu De Soleil La Nouba (and more)

Step 4:
Our new grand total is: $15,407.60

Now Let's talk Dining Reservations:
I'm not going to go through each day but, I know we want to do Breakfast with Cinderella one day.  So here is a typical reservation for Cinderella's Royal Table.  This one is for February 5th at 8:30 am. 

There are so many dining experiences that we'll have!  I can't wait to eat at all the finest restaurants.  My mouth is already watering. 

Let's look at some special tours/events:
Love is Magical Event Described above for February 5th (at $50.00 a ticket) 
Love is Magical
click the event banner for reservations!

There are a lot of other tours and events but, I am thinking for this dream our itinerary is pretty full.  Maybe next time!  :) 

I think this looks like a fabulous vacation.  Even better is the fact that I got to have part of the fun (dreaming) and no bill.  I'll stick with my moderate resorts and regular meal plan.  To me the magic is in the memories I make...plush or not!  Thanks for dreaming along with me! ;)


  1. $15,407.60!!! Do you know how many nights at the Four Seasons that would buy you? Don't worry, I'm high maintenance too! -- Liam

  2. Enjoyed dreaming with you ! I LOVE chocolate and Disney so how about 2 substitutes for us and a girls week at Disney ? AND while we're dreamin' the district will pay for it because we just won most valuable employees award ! love YOU

  3. Definitely went and planned my dream vacation after reading this! If only I was a millionaire...hah! =)