Sunday, January 2, 2011

Get it Together...Don't be "that guy" at the Bag Check

The bag checks at the entrance to each of Disney World's theme parks makes me feel good.  I enjoy knowing that my (and your) safety is top concern.  For this reason I do not scoff or eye roll upon entering the bag check.  I am ready as soon as I walk up to the gates.  I thank the security guards and make my way to the magic.  

That is...
         until I am delayed from my Disney merriment by "that guy" (girl or guy).  You've been behind "that guy"  at one time in your life.  Perhaps you've never had this experience at Disney World but for sure you've had to wait for the person at the salsa station to fuss over salsa choices, fidget with the cups, and lid them all with the closest attention to securing the lid.  And just when your moment to shine and "get your salsa on" comes, they leave their assortment of salsas-only to mosey on over to the soda station and of course they bring it back to reassemble. Right in your way, taking up your time, not caring if they are monopolizing the entire thing.  YIKES! right?

The scoffing and eye rolling done by me at the bag check is only due to "that guy" that has a bajillion bags that are all filled to the brim with random junk.  Then, they wait until the security guard has informed them that in order to check inside the bag they will need to see inside the bag.  So then they unzip the main zipper but leave the rest sealed (and for real, where do they get those bags, you know the ones, the Swiss Army Knife of luggage.  Zippers here, hidden pockets there, self cleaning, with a built in air freshener...that might be a bit of an exaggeration???).  Then when they are finally given the all clear from the security guard to continue on into the park.  But no, they decide that right there at the bag check table is the perfect place to search for their ticket, rearrange their belongings, and locate their sunglasses.  How rude people.  

So, I am taking a stand.  I am making a proposal that we get this bag check thing under check.  Get it together before you get to the bag check.  Don't waste your time, the security guard's time, or my time.  Let's make the bag check a smooth transition.  Here are my suggestions.  They are followed by a brief (but necessary) oath that should be administered to each person planning to go to Disney World with a bag (even, no,  especially the Swiss Army bag).  

1.) Not being "that guy" means being ready for your turn.
Use the time you are waiting in line to prep your bag.  It is most helpful if all of the zippered/velcroed/buttoned parts of your bag are opened for easy access by the security guard.  Failing to open your bag ahead of time will result in you being asked to open your bag up fully and  that will hold up the crowd.  Open that bag and have it ready to be searched!

2.)Not being "that guy" means using both sides of the bag check table (but, patiently waiting your turn)
Bags are checked in alternating fashion so pick a side and be ready.  It is an easy pattern to see the security guard checks one person then goes to the other side...shoving your bag in their face isn't going to get you anywhere but on the last nerve of every other guest in line!

3.) Not being "that guy" means repacking your bag after it is checked at the repacking table
there is  a reason these little beauties were installed...
these tables (located just after the bag check) gives you a place to repack that doesn't back up the bag check line.  So, once your bag is checked just scoop it up and then reassemble at your rate of choice. 

So here is the oath.  Raise your right hand.  I'll wait. Good, now repeat after me :)

I promise to get it together before I get to the bag check.
I will have my bag ready for inspection.
I won't be impatient.  Instead I'll wait my turn and appreciate my safety is taken seriously.
I will repack at the repacking table, even if I have a mega super Swiss Army style bag.

Going through the bag check keeps Disney World safe.  Be kind to the security guards.  Thank them.  Think of how many bags they go threw each day be patient and let them do their job!  They are actually very sweet!  The last time we were at the Magic Kingdom, my friend had her "ears" (super cute New Orleans styled Minnie ears) to make sure she cleaned behind them.  It added to the magic.  He liked us...I suspect its because we weren't "that guy".  :)

By the way need help packing that park bag.  Check out this post from December!


  1. Great article! I'm linking it up to a post I am publishing today about packing the perfect Disney Day Backpack. Thanks!

  2. Awesome! I enjoyed the article on your page as well!

  3. we were just at WDW in December. The "backpackers" were very frustrating. Each section of those huge bags has to be opened. It was even more frustrating for my daughter & I who only had small purses. I wish there was a separate purse lane!

  4. I read somewhere to use a see through bag, so on our first trip to disney in 2010 i bought a clear vinyl backpack beforehand at walmart. we didnt have to open anything and every security person commented on how great the bag was. on our trip this coming fall, i made a vinyl drawstring bag to carry the valuables while being able to leave the larger vinyl bag with ponchos, sweatshirts, and such behind in the stroller. lol.

  5. That sounds like a really great idea! I know the security people love it when you don't have much in your bag and when you open all the zippers for them! Thanks for sharing!!!