Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Wish Wednesday...Vacation Voicemail From Mickey and the Gang!

So I have heard of sites that offer phone calls (there is one in particular that charges just $2.49 per phone call.  Check DIS boards for more info) from Mickey and other Disney characters but, what if this was included in your Disney reservations. No Charge. What with the theme "Let the Memories Begin".  I think it would create the perfect Disney mood for any visitor but especially children who are going to Disney for the first time.  You've seen the commercials recently from Disney you know the ones...

pause for tear jerker from Disney Parks Blog's Youtube Channel

And so here is my proposal.  I think it would be most fitting to find out about your upcoming Disney trip via a vacation "wake-up style" call from Mickey and the gang!  Here is a working dialog. 

let's set the stage okay...
Little Sidney (like that Disney anagram...yeah you do) and his family are sitting around the house on a typical weekend when the phone rings.
Dad picks up..."oh, Sidney it is for you"
Sidney:  "Hello"
Mickey Mouse:  "Oh boy!  We just got the best news!"
Minnie Mouse: "That's right Mickey!  You are going to come visit us at Disney World!"
Sidney: -----------------
Goof:  "Garwsh Mickey, we sure did!  We are preparing for Sidney and his family to come visit us at Disney World!  Cinderelly's castle is sure looking great!"
Cinderella: "That's right Sidney, we are so ready to see you here at Disney World"
Mickey Mouse:  "We'll see ya real soon!"
Sidney: --------------
Mom and Dad: "We're going to Disney World!"

(ps:  This script can totally be used in a Disney World advertisement for the small fee of letting me:
a) get into the parks whenever I like for FREE :D
b) a princess created to look and act like me
c) an unlimited supply of Premium Mickey Bars
just kidding...sort of!

I think kids and families around the world would enjoy this memorable experience.  I sure would! 

ps- love this line from the ad above:
"Disney memories keep our children young in our hearts for the rest of our lives and color our tomorrows with the best of our yesterdays..."  Love that!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. ps I think ASHLEY METZ should be hired by Disney to organize the phone calling frinzy!

    It sure would have made my already excited heart, jump with joy!

    Benefits...unlimited DW vists...a real princess put down on paper and cream shaped like mickey...