Sunday, January 9, 2011

What can Tom do for you?: Find that Paint Brush and get a Fastpass!

This is me.

So if you kept reading, first of all thanks for sticking with me.  Now, if you are thinking this girl looks crazy- then you are absolutely correct.  This picture was taken just seconds after I found one of the hidden paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  I was clearly ecstatic.  Clearly. 
If you are reading this and you have no clue what all the excitement is about, I'll let you in on a Tom Sawyer Island "secret" (I say "secret" because there are enough people who know about it for it to be "out there" but, for whatever reason it is still one of Magic Kingdom's favorite secrets!). 

Here are the 5 W's (and one H)
of the hidden paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island. 

What are all these paint brushes about anyway?  So here is the story straight off the paint brush I found:
The Tom Sawyer Island attraction is located in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.  Disney's sight gives this information for the attraction on their official Walt Disney World website:
"Tom Sawyer Island is a lushly-landscaped outdoor playground in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom theme park where children of all ages can relive the rustic 19th-century adventures depicted in the novels of Mark Twain.
The wooded island is surrounded by the pastoral Rivers of America, and the only way to reach the island is aboard a raft that docks at Tom's Landing near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Sail across the river to romp through dense forests, forge rugged trails, cross swinging suspension bridges, explore mysterious caves, take shelter in a frontier fort built from unfinished timber and embark on mischievous, playful adventures—just like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
Discover hidden treasures for those who care to do a little exploring; highlights include the mysterious jewels hidden deep in the dark caves, the creaky waterwheel at Harper's Mill, the bouncy barrel bridge and Fort Langhorn with its twisting escape tunnel.
Tom Sawyer Island closes at dusk. Be sure to check the daily schedule for the exact closing time."
Here is the raft that carried me over the day of my brush find along with some pictures of Tom Sawyer Island on our search for the brush!:

So on the Disney site, there is no mention of hidden paint brushes. So, you kind of have to be in the know in order to spend your time on Tom Sawyer's Island playing and searching for one of those paint brushes.  And it is fun.  Each day a handful of paint brushes are hidden all over the island.  Most sites I have seen say about 4-6 brushes so I am going to go with that.  Cast members hide the brushes  and usually they are scooped up pretty quickly.  Many sites suggest you go over on the first raft of the day in order to find one of the brushes (apparently the people who posted thought they weren't so hard to find). I tell you what though.  I have a completely different story.  After reading about the paint brushes I was determined to find one.  I looked early, I looked late, I looked mid-day.  I have looked in rain, I have looked on clear days.  The one day I (finally) found my brush was the most packed day of the summer in hot weather at 7 at night  We had scoured the island and just when I had about given up there it was (I won't say where  the brush was found because well, that would take the fun out of it for everyone who reads this post) but, I'll just say that a little child would have had a hard time finding it without a grown up...hmmm!

The paint brushes look like this...

 If you find a paint brush take it to the raft driver and you (and your party) will be awarded a fastpass ticket (What's that again?) for any ride in the Magic Kingdom.  On that hot day we rode Splash Mountain (with a 5 minute fast pass wait!  Sweet!) on to why for pictures of the prize!

Who can look for paint brushes?  Anyone.  I am an adult and I searched for a paint brush and was rewarded when I presented a found brush to the raft driver.  Gold star for me!

Where is Tom Sawyers Island?  Tom Sawyer Island Located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World

Why search for a paint brush? First because it is fun.  Seriously fun.  Look at me jumping with glee like an idiot!  I loved looking for and finding a paint brush.  I felt just like Charlie Bucket when he found a golden ticket!

oh and of course, there is the fastpass incentive.  This was our prize!


How do you look for one?  Just take a raft over to Tom Sawyer Island and get creative in your search. Don't over think it.  I can't imagine cast members would put a paint brush under pine straw that is laced with prickly bushes and poison ivy-just a thought.  Another piece of advise I would like to offer up is to encourage you not to google "how to find a paint brush" in order to find out some hiding spots.  That would also suck the fun out.  Just go with and open mind.  And remember to look in the spirit of magic and fun.  It is Disney After all! 

When are paint brushes hidden?  Paint brushes are hidden over the island daily (although I did read an article about how the paint brushes aren't being hidden as often these days...hopefully that isn't true.  I found my brush in June of 2010 if that is any consolation.)  As I mentioned earlier most tip sites for the paint brush search suggest you go out on the first raft of the morning so give it a shot and get your eagle eyes ready!


  1. Well, you got the idiot part right. :) -- love, Liam

  2. This sounds like fun. You've inspired me. Now I just have to convince my husband...

  3. I am so thrilled you were inspired. It was SO much fun!

  4. Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for the fun blog! We usually spend a bunch of time looking for hidden mickeys, this will be a new adventure! Kindred spirits!!

    ~ Missy from Virginia ;)

  5. Yay! You will really love it! Thanks for reading and please follow up when you find a brush! :D Ashley