Sunday, January 23, 2011

The World Through my Eyes...Yeah...all Four of Them!

D  I  S  N  E  Y
I  S  D  O  A  B
L  E  I  N  G L A  
S  S  E  S !
s e r i o u s l y

I was a week out from my last Disney trip when it happened.  It started on Sunday morning and by that night it was full blown.  How in the heck would I be able to enjoy Disney World  in just a few days with this unwelcome visitor.  But, all was well with me after a quick trip to my family doctor and a run by my target pharmacy.  Now, you might have made a couple of guesses about what I am talking about...I can't keep you in suspense any longer.
If you guessed pink eye...conjunctivitis then you are correct.  Gold star for you.  I know.  It is anticlimactic at best.  But for me the irritation, inflammation, and over all discomfort was not something I would call "best scenario".  By the time we left for Disney my eye was quite better but, I was forced to trash my last pair of contacts and the doctor recommend not putting in the sample pair until the conjunctivitis took a hiatus.  So, there I am left to romp the World in my prescription eye glasses.  I would venture to say that I am about a fraction away from being legally blind (seriously I have worn glasses for a long time) so, going without glasses was not an option.  But, I am here to tell you fellow four eyed friends that from my point of view, Disney World is doable with glasses.  Here are some ways that I made the best of my trip with a new "frame" of mind!

 I love Mickey's Philharmagic (as well as other 3D attractions like Captain EO, Muppet Vision 3D, A Bug's Life, Midway Mania, etc.).  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear the 3D glasses while wearing my prescription glasses.  But worry not!  The glasses are created to comfortably fit even for guests wearing glasses.  

this is my lovely assistant also known as my beautifully amazing Mama!  Here she is sporting a pair of 3D glasses while wearing prescription glasses with ease! (This picture was taken in queue for Toy Story's Midway Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios)


I was also concerned that the sun would be too much for me.  I tend to get migraines  and I have found that sometimes too much sun in my eyes can cause me to get a migraine faster.  I don't own a pair of prescription sunglasses but, I am seriously going to invest in a pair just in case something like this happens again.  I know you can wear a baseball cap or hat but, I find that with my particular frames, wearing a hat actually isn't comfortable.  My suggestion would be either find a hat that fits well with your glasses, get some prescription sunglasses or clip on shades, or just invest in some Excedrine Migraine.  Luckily for me the week we went wasn't too crazy sunny so I avoided headaches!  Thank God! 
ps: consideration from my mother who does wear prescription sunglasses: Pack a hard (more durable)glass in your park bag for easy exchanges when you go indoors or on rides (which was quite frequent!).


If you wear glasses you will be able to give a nod of agreement when I say what a pain it is to wear glasses when it is raining.  Wiping your glasses off on your clothes may not always get them clean (or grease free) so while you are packing that glass case mentioned above go ahead and pack one of these babies, you will thank me...especially after riding things like Splash Mountain or sitting through Captain EO...Hooter sprays you.  You've been warned!

Sigma 6 x 6" Micro Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
I found a great key chain variety on


Consider the ride before you go on in glasses.  I guess it is really your call but, I know I wouldn't want to be without my eyes.  If I were riding something crazy fast like Tower of Terror or Rockin' Roller coaster I would think about the safety of my frames.  Maybe taking your glasses off for rides like this wouldn't hurt or if you feel like your glasses are snug enough to stay put then go for it.  Maybe a "tune up" at the eye glasse shop is in order before a trip to Disney World. 

Take a repair kit with you so that you can take care of any small problems with your glasses.  Make sure you are aware of any restrictions for flights or entry into the park.  I probably would just leave this in the hotel for use there.

SE Eyeglass Repair Kit, Tube
Here is a really great kit I found on


Consider your specs before you have your picture taken.  If you are like me then you just roll with the glasses.  I remember one time in middle school I ran out of contacts and wore my glasses to...Glamor Shots...yes you read that right.  Instead of wearing my glasses in my glamor shots I went without but a few weeks later when we got the prints back you could totally tell that I was squinting to see the photographer.  I can't help it.  Its kinda like sticking your tongue out while cutting out something.  Stinkin' squinting.  Those pictures still crack me up!

Got anymore tips for fellow four eyed friends?  Maybe a I overlooked one?  Didn't spot something valuable.  Post below with your outta sight ideas.  Could I write anymore cutesy phrases.  I need to go take a nap!

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