Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Experience Fantasmic! A Wait Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

On my last trip to Disney World I was playing "tour guide" to a Disney newbie.  It was fabulous.  There were a lot of experiences we just had to cram into our stay.  One of those was Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I knew that Chelsea (the newbie) would LOVE this show because she is so musically inclined.  Also, she loves the classic Disney characters  and I knew that all these Disney characters in one place would create a memorable experience.  So here was the issue.   At the time we went to Disney World there were only two nights of Fanstamic! shows.  The night we went there was a show at 6 and a show at 8.  We knew that we only had those two slots to shoot for and that the parks were pretty populated.  I have never had good seats for Fantasmic!  and I really wanted to be able to see everything clearly.  So, like all die hard fans of this show we picked up from our lunch with the princesses at the Magic Kingdom and were whisked away to the land of glitz and glamor...Hollywood Studios. We promenaded down Hollywood Boulevard like stars and rubbed shoulders with the Citizens of Hollywood.  It was simply fabulous darling.  Until we saw it.

No, I didn't leave you hanging...this space was intended.  It was all for effect. 


What in the heck?  Now, like I mentioned back in the fall (read on)  I knew that in order to get "good seats"  you have to be early.  So, you can imagine my surprise when the line looked like this when I thought we were early (I thought 4:15ish would be plenty early for a show that doesn't start until 6).  Who were we kidding?  Apparently, everyone else had received the same message but, no fear, our story takes a turn for the best soon.  Once the gates were open (probably the only job at Disney World I would even be shy to take) the line became a traveling group.  Let me just take a moment to tell you that you have got to be aggressive in that mob.  People were stepping all over us.  It was fight or flight.  I chose fight!  So we elbowed our way through  (that is a bit dramatic but it sounds so good!  It was actually more like we walked elephant style (that is when you grab on to the person in front of you in order to form a human chain).  And we made our way to the arena. 
Once in the arena, there are cast members telling you to fill in the rows.  So we made our way down the great steps to the best view (while staying dry during the show (more on this below)) that I think you could just about get. 

That view was a view Fantasmic! and it was worth the wait but, now it was only 4:45 and we had to wait until 6 o'clock for the show to begin.  What to do?  We talked for a while, we facebooked on our phones, we made friends with the people around us (I even got a free Coke from my neighbor).  But, soon I began to watch my watch.  And, believe it or not, people were still filing into the empty seats.   

Just when it seems like there is a bajillion years of waiting...a Disney cast member started the MOST fun wave I have ever been a part of.  We did the fast wave, we did the slow motion wave, we did the roller coaster, we did it all.  It made the wait SO fun!  I am putting a picture of this below.  It is hard to see from here but this is mid-slow-mo-wave.  I also have a video.  Ignore us talking and laughing.  It was great! 

Video:  Bear with me on the filiming.  It is a bit unsteady...sorry.

Another thing that helped pass the time was the Christmas music playing while we waited and the talk about our day at Disney!  Then the show began!!!!

We had great seats!  We could see all the action and we stayed dry.  A lot of waterworks are used in Fantasmic! for example, the water spray on which the projections are displayed.  We really did have the best seats.  Here are some shots I snapped during the show!   

Steamboat Willie Mickey serves as captain of the character boat! 

What a great night for Fantasmic! 

All your favorites!
 Footnotes on Fantasmic!:
-Seriously get there early.  Two hours before the show is about the norm.  Be prepared to wait or at least take shifts going and coming for snacks/rr/etc.
-Consider sitting back a few rows (we were back about 15) to avoid getting soaked.  Of course, in  the summer that might be desirable?  Your call!
-Be prepared for the wait.  Especially if you have little ones.  You might want to pack some easy to carry and keep up with activities like coloring books/crayons, hand held video games, or you can go old school and talk.  I like the talk option the best!  You can talk about things you liked on your Disney vacation, restaurants you have eaten at, attractions you still want to see/do, souvenir items.  The list goes on and on!
-read up on my tips for Fantasmic! here!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disney Dispatch: I Can't Help it! I'm Drawn to This Attraction

My new article launched today!  I am so excited for this new partnership with Disney Dispatch!  I hope that you will join me and find out why I love specific attractions/foods/experiences/things/etc.  at Disney World.  Today's article is on a personal favorite! 

Read up on the Magic of Animation at Disney's Hollywood Studios on my weekly 
column "Because I Stinkin' Love Disney World!" over at Disney Dispatch.  This piece discusses some of the basics and covers my love of the Animation Academy!  Read it! Read it! Read it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Just in: We've Been Dispatched (Disney Dispatched)

It is with great excitement that I type to inform you that Disney: Done Right has gone to the next level!  That's right we have been Dispatched...we are going BIG!   A few weeks ago the host from Disney Dispatch (Bob Mclain) invited me to write weekly for his amazing site "Disney Dispatch".  It took me a lot of consideration...who are we kidding I jumped on that thing faster than a kid at the opening gate of the Magic Kingdom.   The weekly column  is called "Because...I Stinkin' love Disney World!" and will feature (appropriatley penned) columns on things that make me stinkin' love Disney World.  I'll give you a short preview of the launch article and tell you that it centers around an attraction (a beloved attraction that is!) at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 
Disney Dispatch offers a variety of Disney related news including frequenlty updated "Hullabalo" (prime Disney news and articles from blogs/etc. worldwide), guest columns, and soon games!  This blog has been featured on the Hullabalo section many times in the past few months.  I was pumped for this blog to be mentioned as something worthy of reading so, you can imagine the excitement I expreienced when I got the invitation to write weekly for an actual column!)  I love the quirky stories and Disney information that Bob (the host) brings to the site.  You should really click on over and check out all the site has to offer.  I am going to work on getting an icon to link up to Disney Dispatch (that links to my column).  For now, peruse here!  Happy Wednesday! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The World Through my Eyes...Yeah...all Four of Them!

D  I  S  N  E  Y
I  S  D  O  A  B
L  E  I  N  G L A  
S  S  E  S !
s e r i o u s l y

I was a week out from my last Disney trip when it happened.  It started on Sunday morning and by that night it was full blown.  How in the heck would I be able to enjoy Disney World  in just a few days with this unwelcome visitor.  But, all was well with me after a quick trip to my family doctor and a run by my target pharmacy.  Now, you might have made a couple of guesses about what I am talking about...I can't keep you in suspense any longer.
If you guessed pink eye...conjunctivitis then you are correct.  Gold star for you.  I know.  It is anticlimactic at best.  But for me the irritation, inflammation, and over all discomfort was not something I would call "best scenario".  By the time we left for Disney my eye was quite better but, I was forced to trash my last pair of contacts and the doctor recommend not putting in the sample pair until the conjunctivitis took a hiatus.  So, there I am left to romp the World in my prescription eye glasses.  I would venture to say that I am about a fraction away from being legally blind (seriously I have worn glasses for a long time) so, going without glasses was not an option.  But, I am here to tell you fellow four eyed friends that from my point of view, Disney World is doable with glasses.  Here are some ways that I made the best of my trip with a new "frame" of mind!

 I love Mickey's Philharmagic (as well as other 3D attractions like Captain EO, Muppet Vision 3D, A Bug's Life, Midway Mania, etc.).  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wear the 3D glasses while wearing my prescription glasses.  But worry not!  The glasses are created to comfortably fit even for guests wearing glasses.  

this is my lovely assistant also known as my beautifully amazing Mama!  Here she is sporting a pair of 3D glasses while wearing prescription glasses with ease! (This picture was taken in queue for Toy Story's Midway Mania at Disney's Hollywood Studios)


I was also concerned that the sun would be too much for me.  I tend to get migraines  and I have found that sometimes too much sun in my eyes can cause me to get a migraine faster.  I don't own a pair of prescription sunglasses but, I am seriously going to invest in a pair just in case something like this happens again.  I know you can wear a baseball cap or hat but, I find that with my particular frames, wearing a hat actually isn't comfortable.  My suggestion would be either find a hat that fits well with your glasses, get some prescription sunglasses or clip on shades, or just invest in some Excedrine Migraine.  Luckily for me the week we went wasn't too crazy sunny so I avoided headaches!  Thank God! 
ps: consideration from my mother who does wear prescription sunglasses: Pack a hard (more durable)glass in your park bag for easy exchanges when you go indoors or on rides (which was quite frequent!).


If you wear glasses you will be able to give a nod of agreement when I say what a pain it is to wear glasses when it is raining.  Wiping your glasses off on your clothes may not always get them clean (or grease free) so while you are packing that glass case mentioned above go ahead and pack one of these babies, you will thank me...especially after riding things like Splash Mountain or sitting through Captain EO...Hooter sprays you.  You've been warned!

Sigma 6 x 6" Micro Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
I found a great key chain variety on


Consider the ride before you go on in glasses.  I guess it is really your call but, I know I wouldn't want to be without my eyes.  If I were riding something crazy fast like Tower of Terror or Rockin' Roller coaster I would think about the safety of my frames.  Maybe taking your glasses off for rides like this wouldn't hurt or if you feel like your glasses are snug enough to stay put then go for it.  Maybe a "tune up" at the eye glasse shop is in order before a trip to Disney World. 

Take a repair kit with you so that you can take care of any small problems with your glasses.  Make sure you are aware of any restrictions for flights or entry into the park.  I probably would just leave this in the hotel for use there.

SE Eyeglass Repair Kit, Tube
Here is a really great kit I found on


Consider your specs before you have your picture taken.  If you are like me then you just roll with the glasses.  I remember one time in middle school I ran out of contacts and wore my glasses to...Glamor Shots...yes you read that right.  Instead of wearing my glasses in my glamor shots I went without but a few weeks later when we got the prints back you could totally tell that I was squinting to see the photographer.  I can't help it.  Its kinda like sticking your tongue out while cutting out something.  Stinkin' squinting.  Those pictures still crack me up!

Got anymore tips for fellow four eyed friends?  Maybe a I overlooked one?  Didn't spot something valuable.  Post below with your outta sight ideas.  Could I write anymore cutesy phrases.  I need to go take a nap!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Wish Wednesday...Vacation Voicemail From Mickey and the Gang!

So I have heard of sites that offer phone calls (there is one in particular that charges just $2.49 per phone call.  Check DIS boards for more info) from Mickey and other Disney characters but, what if this was included in your Disney reservations. No Charge. What with the theme "Let the Memories Begin".  I think it would create the perfect Disney mood for any visitor but especially children who are going to Disney for the first time.  You've seen the commercials recently from Disney you know the ones...

pause for tear jerker from Disney Parks Blog's Youtube Channel

And so here is my proposal.  I think it would be most fitting to find out about your upcoming Disney trip via a vacation "wake-up style" call from Mickey and the gang!  Here is a working dialog. 

let's set the stage okay...
Little Sidney (like that Disney anagram...yeah you do) and his family are sitting around the house on a typical weekend when the phone rings.
Dad picks up..."oh, Sidney it is for you"
Sidney:  "Hello"
Mickey Mouse:  "Oh boy!  We just got the best news!"
Minnie Mouse: "That's right Mickey!  You are going to come visit us at Disney World!"
Sidney: -----------------
Goof:  "Garwsh Mickey, we sure did!  We are preparing for Sidney and his family to come visit us at Disney World!  Cinderelly's castle is sure looking great!"
Cinderella: "That's right Sidney, we are so ready to see you here at Disney World"
Mickey Mouse:  "We'll see ya real soon!"
Sidney: --------------
Mom and Dad: "We're going to Disney World!"

(ps:  This script can totally be used in a Disney World advertisement for the small fee of letting me:
a) get into the parks whenever I like for FREE :D
b) a princess created to look and act like me
c) an unlimited supply of Premium Mickey Bars
just kidding...sort of!

I think kids and families around the world would enjoy this memorable experience.  I sure would! 

ps- love this line from the ad above:
"Disney memories keep our children young in our hearts for the rest of our lives and color our tomorrows with the best of our yesterdays..."  Love that!  Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

As the Stage Turns: Revolving through the Seasons on the Carousel of Progress

It is no secret that I love Disney World.  (You can remove the look of shock from your face :) )  I love the vision that makes the place so great- combining old and new and keeping the wonder and magic of childhood at the heart of it all.  One of my absolute favorite rides at Disney World is the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom.  I love the history of the ride, it feels like Walt's spirit is kept alive in this tried and true Disney favorite.  I can remember being amazed by the entire thing as a child.  A Walt original, this ride has made its home in Tomorrowland shining as a beacon of Walt's vision.  It is for this reason that just the smells of the ride conjure up childhood days and no matter how many times I pass through those hallowed scenes I always go away smiling (and singing). There is no way you can put up with the antics of good old Uncle Orville, timeless Rover, or the futuristic turkey in the oven and not feel like a kid.   The goal of this post is just to refresh you at the end of your work/school/...snow ;) week with some things I have learned on my many rides around the Carousel.  My goal is that you will go away from this post with the same content smile and song in your head as I do, "after all, it is a GREAT, big, BEAUTIFUL tomorrow!". 
Alright, let's start of with a Youtube video from the Carousel of Progress  this is from ru42's channel

Things they Carousel of Progress has taught me so far...
- Rover never ages.  Ever. 

- Each of the four seasons (over  a long period of years) is represented in the carousel of progress (1st scene Valentine's Day (we will go with this being spring because it is close enough , 2nd scene is the Fourth of July, 3rd scene is Halloween, and the 4th Scene is Christmas . 

-There are a lot of hidden Disney touches (all kinds of hidden Mickey's in the last scene).

- According to John flight, self cleaning ovens, Lindberg wont make it.  However John does make quiet a few prophetic guesses about progress though.

- If you over think the time line (yielding an extremely long life span for John and Sarah and family ) your brain will hurt.  Just go with it.

-Uncle Orville is always up to shenanigans.

- Each scene is set in the kitchen... I venture to say that's because the kitchen is the heart of the home (in my humble opinion).

-Catch a Disney version of Modern Marvels lesson in each scene as house hold appliances, transportation, and people of the time are highlighted.

-Grandma is a closet boxing fan.  And a not so closet virtual video gamer. Busted!

- Sarah (the Mother) is always busy doing something, ironing, planning out an Independence Day celebration,  re-arranging her rumpus room, setting up the voice command. That Lady is busy.  Meanwhile her husband is relaxing for 75% of the time.

- That bum Uncle Orville pretty much invented AC.

-That song will be stuck in your head (that isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Well, I feel like we need to go grab some chicken nuggets at Cosmic Ray's or perhaps take in the second showing of Wishes! .  Thanks for entertaining my ramblings!  Have a great big beautiful tomorrow. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dream Along with Ashley!

Today I am snowed in (in South Carolina speak: We got 6 inches of snow...which is covered in 1/2 inch of ice. We got a mess). So, because we got the "crunchy" variety of snow (I much prefer the "smooth" because you can play in in). So here I sit unable to make a snowman, "movied" out, on the verge of cabin fever and it comes to me to do a little Disney Dreaming. So, here is what's on the menu: We are gonna plan a fabulous trip for the first week of February! We are going to eat at the finest restaurants, stay at the most luxurious on site hotel, go to special events, the sky is the limit...this is an imaginary trip planning session. So, dream along with me!

Step 1:  Ok First things first, we are going to be using the Walt Disney World planning tool on the Disney World official site.  We aren't going to even look up special offers because in our imaginary world, money doesn't really matter. 
- first let's select dates.  I am really interested in a special event at Epcot on February 5th called "Love is Magical".  This event requires a ticket (but fear not we'll cover that) and revolves around the new trading pins themed for this event.  Attendees will be able to make 3 event trade coupons, get a special mystery jumbo pin by trading in a regular pin (this is called the Sweetheart Trade), and because it is Valentine's that means sweets (in the form of a dessert bar!!!).  one word: CHOCOLATE!!!  I am there (in my dreams of course!).  Get more info on the event here!  ... all that said, let's go to Disney February 5-11th.  A nice time of the year to go to Disney if I do say so myself!
-let's make this trip for 2 adults (just because...although I don't have a significant other at the moment if any young men who love Jesus want to take me to my favorite place (DW) at my favorite time of the year (Valentine's Day) then I would be fine with that).
so here we are, screen one of our Disney Destiny!

Step 2:
I want luxury.  I want a plush stay.  And I don't care who knows it.  (Disclaimer:  I am not a fussy girl in real life only in my dreams!).  So I picked a two bedroom suite at the Grand Floridian.  Lucky us! 
Now, remember that this is pretend and that I picked bells and whistles.  You could do this same resort for much less. 
I'll tinker with Dining later so you can see that too.


Notice please that I went with the park hopper and water park option.  Park hopper is necessity.  Water park...a girl can dream.

Step 3:
Let's EAT!  So I picked for us the ....
what the heck:  we need a massage, a firework cruise, admission to Cirqu De Soleil La Nouba (and more)

Step 4:
Our new grand total is: $15,407.60

Now Let's talk Dining Reservations:
I'm not going to go through each day but, I know we want to do Breakfast with Cinderella one day.  So here is a typical reservation for Cinderella's Royal Table.  This one is for February 5th at 8:30 am. 

There are so many dining experiences that we'll have!  I can't wait to eat at all the finest restaurants.  My mouth is already watering. 

Let's look at some special tours/events:
Love is Magical Event Described above for February 5th (at $50.00 a ticket) 
Love is Magical
click the event banner for reservations!

There are a lot of other tours and events but, I am thinking for this dream our itinerary is pretty full.  Maybe next time!  :) 

I think this looks like a fabulous vacation.  Even better is the fact that I got to have part of the fun (dreaming) and no bill.  I'll stick with my moderate resorts and regular meal plan.  To me the magic is in the memories I make...plush or not!  Thanks for dreaming along with me! ;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What can Tom do for you?: Find that Paint Brush and get a Fastpass!

This is me.

So if you kept reading, first of all thanks for sticking with me.  Now, if you are thinking this girl looks crazy- then you are absolutely correct.  This picture was taken just seconds after I found one of the hidden paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island at Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  I was clearly ecstatic.  Clearly. 
If you are reading this and you have no clue what all the excitement is about, I'll let you in on a Tom Sawyer Island "secret" (I say "secret" because there are enough people who know about it for it to be "out there" but, for whatever reason it is still one of Magic Kingdom's favorite secrets!). 

Here are the 5 W's (and one H)
of the hidden paint brushes on Tom Sawyer Island. 

What are all these paint brushes about anyway?  So here is the story straight off the paint brush I found:
The Tom Sawyer Island attraction is located in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.  Disney's sight gives this information for the attraction on their official Walt Disney World website:
"Tom Sawyer Island is a lushly-landscaped outdoor playground in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom theme park where children of all ages can relive the rustic 19th-century adventures depicted in the novels of Mark Twain.
The wooded island is surrounded by the pastoral Rivers of America, and the only way to reach the island is aboard a raft that docks at Tom's Landing near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Sail across the river to romp through dense forests, forge rugged trails, cross swinging suspension bridges, explore mysterious caves, take shelter in a frontier fort built from unfinished timber and embark on mischievous, playful adventures—just like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
Discover hidden treasures for those who care to do a little exploring; highlights include the mysterious jewels hidden deep in the dark caves, the creaky waterwheel at Harper's Mill, the bouncy barrel bridge and Fort Langhorn with its twisting escape tunnel.
Tom Sawyer Island closes at dusk. Be sure to check the daily schedule for the exact closing time."
Here is the raft that carried me over the day of my brush find along with some pictures of Tom Sawyer Island on our search for the brush!:

So on the Disney site, there is no mention of hidden paint brushes. So, you kind of have to be in the know in order to spend your time on Tom Sawyer's Island playing and searching for one of those paint brushes.  And it is fun.  Each day a handful of paint brushes are hidden all over the island.  Most sites I have seen say about 4-6 brushes so I am going to go with that.  Cast members hide the brushes  and usually they are scooped up pretty quickly.  Many sites suggest you go over on the first raft of the day in order to find one of the brushes (apparently the people who posted thought they weren't so hard to find). I tell you what though.  I have a completely different story.  After reading about the paint brushes I was determined to find one.  I looked early, I looked late, I looked mid-day.  I have looked in rain, I have looked on clear days.  The one day I (finally) found my brush was the most packed day of the summer in hot weather at 7 at night  We had scoured the island and just when I had about given up there it was (I won't say where  the brush was found because well, that would take the fun out of it for everyone who reads this post) but, I'll just say that a little child would have had a hard time finding it without a grown up...hmmm!

The paint brushes look like this...

 If you find a paint brush take it to the raft driver and you (and your party) will be awarded a fastpass ticket (What's that again?) for any ride in the Magic Kingdom.  On that hot day we rode Splash Mountain (with a 5 minute fast pass wait!  Sweet!) on to why for pictures of the prize!

Who can look for paint brushes?  Anyone.  I am an adult and I searched for a paint brush and was rewarded when I presented a found brush to the raft driver.  Gold star for me!

Where is Tom Sawyers Island?  Tom Sawyer Island Located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World

Why search for a paint brush? First because it is fun.  Seriously fun.  Look at me jumping with glee like an idiot!  I loved looking for and finding a paint brush.  I felt just like Charlie Bucket when he found a golden ticket!

oh and of course, there is the fastpass incentive.  This was our prize!


How do you look for one?  Just take a raft over to Tom Sawyer Island and get creative in your search. Don't over think it.  I can't imagine cast members would put a paint brush under pine straw that is laced with prickly bushes and poison ivy-just a thought.  Another piece of advise I would like to offer up is to encourage you not to google "how to find a paint brush" in order to find out some hiding spots.  That would also suck the fun out.  Just go with and open mind.  And remember to look in the spirit of magic and fun.  It is Disney After all! 

When are paint brushes hidden?  Paint brushes are hidden over the island daily (although I did read an article about how the paint brushes aren't being hidden as often these days...hopefully that isn't true.  I found my brush in June of 2010 if that is any consolation.)  As I mentioned earlier most tip sites for the paint brush search suggest you go out on the first raft of the morning so give it a shot and get your eagle eyes ready!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Get it Together...Don't be "that guy" at the Bag Check

The bag checks at the entrance to each of Disney World's theme parks makes me feel good.  I enjoy knowing that my (and your) safety is top concern.  For this reason I do not scoff or eye roll upon entering the bag check.  I am ready as soon as I walk up to the gates.  I thank the security guards and make my way to the magic.  

That is...
         until I am delayed from my Disney merriment by "that guy" (girl or guy).  You've been behind "that guy"  at one time in your life.  Perhaps you've never had this experience at Disney World but for sure you've had to wait for the person at the salsa station to fuss over salsa choices, fidget with the cups, and lid them all with the closest attention to securing the lid.  And just when your moment to shine and "get your salsa on" comes, they leave their assortment of salsas-only to mosey on over to the soda station and of course they bring it back to reassemble. Right in your way, taking up your time, not caring if they are monopolizing the entire thing.  YIKES! right?

The scoffing and eye rolling done by me at the bag check is only due to "that guy" that has a bajillion bags that are all filled to the brim with random junk.  Then, they wait until the security guard has informed them that in order to check inside the bag they will need to see inside the bag.  So then they unzip the main zipper but leave the rest sealed (and for real, where do they get those bags, you know the ones, the Swiss Army Knife of luggage.  Zippers here, hidden pockets there, self cleaning, with a built in air freshener...that might be a bit of an exaggeration???).  Then when they are finally given the all clear from the security guard to continue on into the park.  But no, they decide that right there at the bag check table is the perfect place to search for their ticket, rearrange their belongings, and locate their sunglasses.  How rude people.  

So, I am taking a stand.  I am making a proposal that we get this bag check thing under check.  Get it together before you get to the bag check.  Don't waste your time, the security guard's time, or my time.  Let's make the bag check a smooth transition.  Here are my suggestions.  They are followed by a brief (but necessary) oath that should be administered to each person planning to go to Disney World with a bag (even, no,  especially the Swiss Army bag).  

1.) Not being "that guy" means being ready for your turn.
Use the time you are waiting in line to prep your bag.  It is most helpful if all of the zippered/velcroed/buttoned parts of your bag are opened for easy access by the security guard.  Failing to open your bag ahead of time will result in you being asked to open your bag up fully and  that will hold up the crowd.  Open that bag and have it ready to be searched!

2.)Not being "that guy" means using both sides of the bag check table (but, patiently waiting your turn)
Bags are checked in alternating fashion so pick a side and be ready.  It is an easy pattern to see the security guard checks one person then goes to the other side...shoving your bag in their face isn't going to get you anywhere but on the last nerve of every other guest in line!

3.) Not being "that guy" means repacking your bag after it is checked at the repacking table
there is  a reason these little beauties were installed...
these tables (located just after the bag check) gives you a place to repack that doesn't back up the bag check line.  So, once your bag is checked just scoop it up and then reassemble at your rate of choice. 

So here is the oath.  Raise your right hand.  I'll wait. Good, now repeat after me :)

I promise to get it together before I get to the bag check.
I will have my bag ready for inspection.
I won't be impatient.  Instead I'll wait my turn and appreciate my safety is taken seriously.
I will repack at the repacking table, even if I have a mega super Swiss Army style bag.

Going through the bag check keeps Disney World safe.  Be kind to the security guards.  Thank them.  Think of how many bags they go threw each day be patient and let them do their job!  They are actually very sweet!  The last time we were at the Magic Kingdom, my friend had her "ears" (super cute New Orleans styled Minnie ears) to make sure she cleaned behind them.  It added to the magic.  He liked us...I suspect its because we weren't "that guy".  :)

By the way need help packing that park bag.  Check out this post from December!