Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney Dispatch Post: A DiVine Encounter

Don't believe me? Have you ever felt like someone was standing behind you, looking right at you? You can just tell, can't you? It's almost like that person's stare bores into the back of your head. And the freakiest thing is when you turn around and - BAM! - there's the person right in your dance space. Not cool.  

So how weird would it be to turn around and see this juxtaposition of woman and vine all posin' up in your business? Sound crazy? Well, take a walk through the Animal Kingdom, and then tell me how crazy it sounds. I know...

do the D to read more!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Wish Wednesday...I Wish I Could Some Eat Some Disney Fast Food...(WithZeroCaloriesPlease!)

I want to eat junk food.  I have been craving crispy, salty fries.  I neeeeedd golden delicious chicken nuggets (no mystery meat please).  It is mandatory that I have  a soda minus the  whole diet thing. And I have to have a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sprinkled with Mickey Mouse confetti.  I am for real.  I wish I could have this meal sent via email.  You know what let's really wish big here...I wish I could be emailed to this food.  YUM!  While you can purchase this same combination at many quick service restaurants in Disney heart is at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe!  YUM! YUM! YUM!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Ride is in the Bag!

When I was a kid my sister and littlest brother got together and created travel bags with things for us to do and snack on for our trip.  I remember being so excited to see that brown grocery bag sitting in my seat. It held simple things but, they made the trip all the more exciting.  Learning to enjoy the journey and not just the destination is made much more fun with this (updated) version of the travel bag.  With everything from independent entertainment, classic rode trip games, snacks, and a great book for Mom and Dad to read aloud, this bag is packed with fun!With items like this to keep little ones occupied...the ride is in the bag!

The ride is in the bag!
below I have created and image map.  Click on each item to be linked to a site for purchasing information!  Happy travels to you.

Disney Dispatch Post: The Spiels on the Bus go...

Check out this week's post about the magic created by 
Disney in the background noise of Disney buses!

Check it out over on Disney Dispatch!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dear Disney World...

Dear Disney World,

Hey!  Its me...Ashley!  I am writing this letter today to offer my services on one of your Let the Memories Begin campaign commercials.  Now here's the deal, I know I am not a cutie little five year old girl but hey, I'm a kid at heart.  And so I think that it is only fitting that you hear me out with the top 10 reasons I would encourage families to Let the Memories Begin.  So here it goes...

10.  This girl cries each time we pull up to our resort and when I see the castle for the first time and when I watch Wishes and when I watch Finding Nemo the musical...and... it would be so much easier to say that the tears of joy would be as authentic as possible.  In fact, tears of joy are my specialty.  If I was a country they would be my number one industry.  I am sentimental.  Legit. 

9.    I can pull off "princess" extremely well.  Have you seen my princess hands?  They will rock your world.  Plus I am pretty sure this commercial would feature me in an adult sized Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover.  Tiara and all. It would be special. ;D

8.    I am chock full of catch phrases.  I am the Lightning McQueen of DW..."ca cha" who?  I mean imagine with me if you will, (we are imagining now that is why I am using italics by the way)  I am getting out of the car as I am told from someone out of the frame that we are actually going to Disney World. "Shut your mouth!" "I am freaking right out."  "Suh-eriously, are you even kidding me?"  Yeah, I would be saying all of those things.  And we would make our way over to the parks.  There would be a great shot of me freaking right out as I met Mickey Mouse (princess outfit and all).  All I am saying is that it would be an authentic matter how many takes we had to do to get the filming just right.

7.   All I have to say is that the combination of the ukulele music (is that a ukulele?  maybe not but it sounds sorta like one?), Susan Sarandon as narrator , and me would be advertisement gold.  Or at least comedic gold. :D.

6.  I really do stinkin' love Disney World.  I think my love for all things Disney would shine right through the television screen.

5.  I can hug, smile, giggle with glee, and be excited like nobody's business.

4.  Because I love those commercials after all.  I seriously get goosebumps when I watch them!

3.  I haven't lost my sense of childlike wonder.  It is still there!  My eyes and smiles would catch all the magic! 

2.  I can be a total ham.  Shocker.

1.  I work well with all sorts of characters.  Pooh, Tigger, Belle, (even...gasp...villians).  It would be magnificent!

So there you have it Disney Parks.  I am  totally open to a full day of say the day and I am there.  It would be hard work but, someone has to do it.  Why not me.  :D

Love always,
...I mean, Ashley

p.s.-what if someone from Disney World for serious read this and it happened I would probably freak right out for real.  Hey, a girl can dream!  Right?  Well, if you are going to dream why not do it at the place where Dreams Come True!

oh and p.s.s.- Until my commercial comes out, enjoy these fabulous families as they Let the Memories Begin!  These videos are from Disney Park's Youtube page!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disney Dispatch Column Preview...

Celebrate St. Patrick's day with a rainbow of photographs from Disney World!  Check out my post from yesterday and play the guessing game!  Then, check out my article for the Golden Shot over on Disney Dispatch this Thursday, March 17th!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ROY G BIV: Beyond Basics...a Disney World Rainbow!!!

St. Patrick's Day is this Thursday! Yay for green, gold, leprechauns, pretty rainbows, and fooling kindergartners into believing the leprechaun destroyed the room while we were away! (If you read that and are like what?  it is a kindergarten thing sorry!).
 So how does Disney World exactly fit into this spectrum? Glad you inquired! Today I am going to do a little pre Disney Dispatch column fun that will hopefully have you seeing the gold at the end of the rainbow (so to speak). Today I will be giving some colorful and down right close up hints of fabulous/fun photograph opportunities around Disney World. On Thursday, March 17th (that would be St. Patrick's Day) you can look on my weekly column at Disney Dispatch to find that bit o' gold. I'll include what and where the picture was taken. Hopefully (my teeny bit of HTML skillz will allow me to create a mouse over effect to show you the entire the way these "skillz"  who are we kidding, "skills" took me FOOOORRREEEEVVVEERR to do.  I gotta find a friend with some web skills or hire someone, or read some more tutorials/books/web info). So don't cheat.  Can you guess where each zoomed in photo was taken or even what it is...?  Roll over the image with your mouse and you'll see the full photo. 


This photograph was snapped at the opening ceremony at the Magic Kingdom. Read more on this here!


This photo was taken during the Festival of the Lion King at Disney's Animal Kingdom. You are free to snap away at this fun show and I always get vibrant shots!


This photo was snapped in the ceiling of the Land Pavilion at Epcot. I love looking up at this spot. It holds a special memories because I was looking around this very room when my sister called to tell me that she was going to have a was June 9th. Special day! :D


I love, love, love this shot. It was snapped as I waited for my friends to ride Expedition Everest. I used a polarized lens which really made a difference in the colors and reflections! What a beautiful day!


This is such an icon. I love Hollywood Studios and I love the Sorcerer's Hat! It gives me such a Disney feeling when I see it as I walk into Hollywood Studios!


This picture was taken in Epcot's World Showcase at the China Pavilion. I love the ornate detail of each structure (especially china). Hmmm...I wish I could go grab some yummy food at China Pavilion's Nine Dragons. YUM! Oh and by the way this was a hard "color" to find with a half decent photo. It isn't blue and it isn't purple so we'll settle on indigo...okay?


I really like taking fun and creative pictures. I have to admit that I get a version of this shot every time I go to Disney World but they all have turned out so different. I feel like this shot (especially on Main Street USA) embodies Disney fun. Love it!

I hope you had fun guessing and then finding out what exactly each photo was.  Don't forget, if you look on my weekly column on Disney Dispatch "Because, I Stinkin' Love Disney World"  you'll find the golden favorite photo spot to visit and re-visit!  Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney Disptach Post: Fairytale in the French Quarter

Have you ever been a part of a story? How about part of a Disney story?
The story I'm talking about has been pulled from the frames of animators, bursting with magic, and played out before your eyes - with you as the lead character!

If you were 'mousing through the web today and stumbled across this article, consider it a serendipitous event. I'm going to tell you the story of a young lady (ahem... me) who lived out a fairytale (well, sorta, anyway) at Disney World.

Click on to read all about it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kid's Wear: Part 2 Flower Festival

Alright little dudes!  Here's your styleboard. I hope you'll find these outfits comfortable and versatile for a fun day at the parks in spring!  Check out the little dudes (baby/toddler) and the bigger guys on the right.  Again, remember these outfits are only suggestions as to what would be good to wear to the parks rather than a rule of thumb or something.  Take what you like and run with it!  Enjoy!

Light Weight Roll-up Pants: in Street

Polos for Baby: in Light Blue Stripe

Number Graphic Baseball Cap for Baby: in Goodnight Nora

Color-Blocked Automotive Hoodies for Baby: in Heather Grey

Mesh Hybrid Sandals for Baby: in True Blue

Boys Convertible Cargos: in Volcanic Ash
I love these pant because they can become shorts like "that!".  Great for unknown weather days!

Boys Plaid Shirts: Red Plaid

Boys Jersey V-Neck Tees: in Volcanic Ash

Boy Patterned Canvas Slip-ons: in Blue Plaid

Quicksilver Plate Shift Hat: in Earl Grey

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kid's Wear: Part 1 Flower Festival

Okay so, I need to have a kid.  That would mean I need to get  a husband.  That would mean I would have to find a man.  It is sorta like that If you Give a Mouse a Cookie book.  Yikes!  Any way, I enjoyed (maybe a bit over enjoyed) picking out these outfits for little girls.  My sweet nephew (via my sister...his sweet Mama) commented on the Men's wearto ask what he could wear.  He is a little over a year old so that inspired me to give two looks.  One for the baby/toddler and then one for girls under the age of ten.  I'll post the same kind of looks for boys tomorrow.  Enjoy!


Roll-up Bermudas for Baby in: Deco Pink Polka Dots
Love these cute little pants because they provide versatility and comfort for your little one. 

Patterned Canvas Slip-ons for baby: in Yellow Dot

Puffy Sleeve Polos for Baby: in Bright White

Minnie Mouse Sunglasses
Do they make these in adult sizes?  I know I wondered the same thing.  :D

Girls Cropped Jersey Leggings: in Multi Dots
Love the leggings paired up with the Tinkerbell shirt/skort.  Great option for cool day or warm day! 

Ruffled Tinker Bell Skort
function equals fashion.  Seriously.

Winged Tinkerbell Tee
The wings can be removed but who wouldn't want to prance around the parks all dolled up? 

Tinkerbell Clippie Hair Bow
oh my geeze!  So, my future little girl is doomed.  I am a giant hair bow kinda lady.  Therefore, cupcake jr (that would be my nickname) is destined to rock a bow just like this AMAZING Tinkerbell bow I found on!  I LOVE This!
 Skechers Twinkle Toes S Light
Shuffles: in
Hot Pink Metallic Canvas/Lt Pink & Multi Trim
They light up!  Great for Illuminations, Fantasmic, and Wishes!  Love!
Butterfly Headband: in Delightful Pink
because it is stinkin' cute.  And it would be great addition to the butterfly house at the flower festival.  

Cinderella Zipped Hoodie
I think this one is sized for infants and toddlers but a jack like this would be great for any little girl in case it gets cooler (especially at night).

Men's Wear For the Flower Festival

Alright dudes around the world.  I have pulled together "an outfit" for you that is weather appropriate and comfortable. Now, clearly I am not a man so I may not have picked exactly what you did.  Here's the deal though, you can pick, choose, and switch where you want.  I used some of what my brother would wear (in his words, "not those shoes") but hey, what can I say...I like guys that wear Chuck Taylor's! So here's your styleboard...don't get freaked out by that, just pretend these items are laying out on your bed ready for you to put on. Enjoy!

Men's Distressed Straight-leg Jeans: in Dark Tint
Comfort and style.  These jeans will be great for early spring days at the flower festival! 

Men's Patterned Button-Down Collar Shirts: in Blue Tattersall

Men's Classic Tee: in Heather Grey
The great thing about a button up shirt is that you have the option to take it off if you get hot.  Pair the button up shirt with this grey  tee shirt in case you get warm.

Men's Basic Leather Belt: in Brown

Men's Chuck Taylors: in Navy  
I love them.  Only reason I picked them!

Style # A196: Contrast Top Stitched Cap: in Buckskin
A hat will be a good choice for being outside a lot.  My brother was the inspiration on this one. I am pretty sure he owns stock in Carhartt.  For real.

Coastal Del Mar Sunglasses Stringer: in Shiny Black Frames and Blue Mirror Glass
Once again my brother inspired these glasses.  They are pricey but, the quality is really superb!  He uses them for fishing (something about the lenses) as well as just day to day. They are pretty popular or at least they were recently with college kids.  My brother wears his with a Croakies retainer like this one I found on

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion for the Flower Festival at Epcot

I went to the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot last year and it was absolutely beautiful.  We went for the tail end (mid May) and there was so much to see and do.  Today I present an outfit I would wear to the flower festival.  This outfit is inspired by spring with grass greens, sky blues, sun yellow, and a touch of pink floral this outfit would be fashionable as it is park wearable for the festival.  I am going to work on a mens styleboard too.  Maybe even a kids.  I like to do these styleboards not for fashion sake but more for planning sake.  With temperatures, wear"ability", and comfort in mind I have found some affordable and fun fashion.  Enjoy!

Women's Straight Cuffed Leg Jeans: in Toba
I really like these cute little cuffed leg jeans for the pre and early days of spring.  These would be perfect for Disney at this time of the year!

Women's Ruffled Gauze Tops: in Green Check

Women's Rolled-up Boyfriend Cardigan: in Neon Purple
You gotta love a light weight cardigan might come in handy on early spring nights in the parks.   The versitle roll up sleeves on this cardigan let you be in control!  When you don't need it tie it around your waist or over your shoulders or stow it away in your purse. 

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats: in Mustard

Feminine Spring Earrings: in Gold/Cream
Spring is in bloom with these super cute blossom earrings!

Dove Locket Necklace: in Jade/Gold
I love birds so this green and gold dove locket was a necessity!  This item is out of  Between the time I selected it and posted this article it sold is so cute I left it on the board!

Rose Bead Bracelet: in Pink
Faux  Gemstone Ring: in Turquoise/Gold

Adjustable Distressed Leatherette Bag: in Brown
Just like my bag selection from my Fall Into the Parks post back in October, this bag provides comfortable, convienent, and safe storage! 

Women's Floral Headband: in Rose 
I got mine abut a year ago from but, they don't carry it anymore.  The floral headband is the finishing touch to this fun outfit! 

F7735 Sunglasses: in Brown/Brown
You'll be outside a lot during the flower festival.  These sunglasses will definitely come in handy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disney Dispatch Post: Sergio is Amusing the Atmosphere at Epcot!

I stinkin' love Sergio the Italian Clown Juggler! If you've never seen Sergio, you can find him performing throughout the day at Epcot's Italian Pavilion. You really can't miss him: he's dressed in a red and white striped shirt, green sash, rag pants, Chuck Taylors, black fedora - and, of course, the whistle.

You'll most likely hear him before you see him. Read up on Sergio and his act over at on my weekly column "Because...I stinkin' love Disney World!"