Saturday, May 14, 2011


I seriously want to write a lot of posts right now but at the moment, I am wrapping up the school year.  To be quiet honest I feel a lot like this...

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My sentiments exactly Mickey!
With report cards, conferences, assessments, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork which way do I turn?  YIKES! But, when the dust settles down...I will be back with a lot of new posts perfect for a summer vacation to the most magical place on Earth! 
See ya real soon!
:D Ashley

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, it is Mother's Day.  A time of year where we stop to remember the person who is all to often taken for granted every other day of the year.  I love my Mama.  I have been so blessed to have the wonderful example of a person who loves the Lord and through that lens loves her family and others.  I remember being a little kid and saying Bible verses and singing songs as my sweet Mama drove us to school.  To this day, Joshua 1:9 is my stand by.  I love that she she cuts no corners; from tending tomato plants,  taking us on numerous romps through the huge (jk) town of Columbia, to making homemade spaghetti, and putting her needs last...that woman knows how to love.  What a wonderful example me and my sister and brothers were given.  I hope one day I get to set this example for my own children. That sets the bar high for me.   Today I pay homage to my mother with some photos from Disney World.  Love you Mama!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am in LOVE!

with these!

for real...
In love!

Disney Dispatch Post:: You Can Find Me in The Club!

What is the most jammin' place in all of Disney World? Where can you dance like a party animal and lose all inhibition? Where can you shake a tail feather with some real characters? At the Club.
Club 626!
Located in Tomorrowland, Club 626 levels the dance floor. Whether young or old, rhythmically inclined or, well, not so rhythmically inclined, you can party like it's 1999.
I absolutely love this often overlooked area of Disney World!
Over on Disney Dispatch I plead my case; a case for cavorting. Click the D to see my moves and perhaps by the end you'll have caught the dancing fever, too.