Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Wonderful Thing about Hopping is Meeting Bloggers Like You!

Today we are hopping with the folks at Babes in Disneyland.  The theme is, we'll just let you see!   Let's hop...make that bounce!
His life was lived mapped out before he knew it.  One brush with it and we'll just say their connection was powerful.  His British accent added to the charm of his appearance.  An untidy fellow with a stitch like scars. He learned with his friends and spent many a day fighting off beasts and storms to make that magical connection.  He even had what everyone his age Owl.  He was known all over though he was as humble as could be but it took the aid of his two best friends to really shine in life.  He could be caught sleep walking and talking after the voices he heard in the night sent a rather "telling" dream filled night. He who must not be named had sent out thoughts into his head. 

 Who is this boy we are talking about.... Harry Potter?  No, but the similarities are there from the description above to the double letters in both Winnie (Harry) and Pooh (Potter).
But the boy I just spoke of is no a boy at all.  But a Bear.  A Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear. 
His movie comes out on the 15th. 

So this was a light hearted post inspired by the new trailers for the Winnie the Pooh Movie.  In the trailers Potter like font is used with vague details only to find out that the trailer isn't for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.2 but instead for the Winnie the Pooh Movie (they release on the same date).  I love Harry and Pooh so it seemed like the best of both worlds.  By the way, I saw the Harry Potter movie at an event last Saturday and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I am a potter girl through and through from the books to the movies I've been there since year one!  I hope you enjoy this post!  Happy Thursday!

both of these cute spots are from Disneyanimations Youtube channel (

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh Snap! Let's Hop!

It is Wednesday and time to hop the Wordless Way! :D So hop today with Deb at Focused on the Magic!
I am!

This picture was taken during Summer Nightastie firework show. It was a great night!

H O P ! ! !

Focused on the Magic

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Asked... (We Got a LIVE One!)

Alright, we have another question!  This one was just posted (literally I found it 10 minutes after it was left!) so we are going to link up this site to the question asked by dancinfool over on Yahoo! Answers!


I think Epcot is truly a more than one day park.  I typically do the World Showcase tour most of 1 day and then hop over to another park.  I will return later for the other parts of Epcot.  The hang up here is that World Showcase really takes a while to do and yes, you can pick and choose and avoid stopping in each area's gift shop.  But the main kicker is that World Showcase has some limitations in the form of its accessibility.  The hours of operation for World Showcase are 11am-9am.  The time restrictions can present some problems.  If I were trying to see as much as possible I would try to "do" World Showcase in 1 day but, I seriously would pick and choose.  With 11 different countries to hit and time at a crunch you really have to push it.  

That said...

I would not want to miss out on the pavilions with rides (Mexico and Norway).  The other countries offer different presentations (mostly movies) as well as great eating and live entertainment.  I would try to at least pass through and snap a couple of shots of each country's pavilion.  Here are the pavilions with a description of their attraction:  Also, I am putting a star by the pavilions that I would not want to miss out on if I was doing a quick run through but, if you really book it you can at least see the beautiful exterior of each pavilion!

*Mexico: Gran Fiesta Tour featuring the Three Caballeros  (This is a quick water boat ride and it is cute), food, shopping, and performances.

*Norway: Maelstrom (This is a fun ride that you should do but know that there is usually has a bit of a wait), food, artifacts, shopping, and performances.

China: Movie, food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

Germany: food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

Italy: food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

*America: Movie (Pretty neat blend of audioanimatronics and movies), food, artifacts, shopping, performances.
Japan: food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

Morocco: food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

France: Movie, food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

*Canada: Movie (My favorite of the movies!  This one is "hosted" by the ever so pint sized and ever so Canadian Martin Short!), food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

United Kingdom: food, artifacts, shopping, performances.

Okay, so that is just the World Showcase side.  You still have Future World.  There are too many cool things for you to miss.  The only problem is the wait time for awesome rides like Soarin', Mission Space, and more.  Once again it is all about preference but there is some picking and choosing that can go on here.  I will say that Ellen's Energy Adventure is a huge waste of time (45 minutes...seriously that is how long the ride is) so I would keep away from that.  Other than that, I would say get to the park at opening, book it back to Soarin' and try to get in line if it looks relatively short.  You can try to get a Fastpass but, you should know that sometimes it is faster and less of a wait if you are there right when the line starts!  I would ride to my heart's content and view all the cool things of Epcot and then at about 10:50 I would make my way toward World Showcase Lagoon and let my time there begin.  After going through as many of the countries as possible, I would head toward the Monorail for a quick trip over to the Magic Kingdom.  The good thing about the night parade (Main Street Electrical Parade) is that during the summer it usually plays 2 times (9 and 11 pm).  I always go to the last parade of the night to get the most bang for my Disney buck!  This means that you'll have plenty of time to get settled in at the Magic Kingdom and even ride a couple of rides before finding that perfect parade seat!
Transportation to and from parks is a cinch! You can get to the Magic Kingdom from Epcot by hopping on the Monorail.  It is really quick and easy!  As far as other parks go, the monorail only run to resorts in and around the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and only runs to those two parks.  Buses are going to be your mode of transportation between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  I'll write more on that soon!  I hope this answered your question! :D It is late!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hop Along! Wordless Wednesday!

I am hungry today.  This doesn't help!  I need to go find something to eat!  This was the delicious appetizer from our lunch at Cinderella's Royal Table!  It. was. good.
Hop on....
Thanks to the fabulous Focused On the Magic

Focused on the Magic

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Make-up Magic! Princesses!

So, if you didn't know, I love make-up.  And, I love Youtube make-up tutorials.  My favorite guru is Dulcecandy87!  You should really check her out if you are into makeup or fashion!  All of the gurus do such a great job of explaining techniques, copying celebrity looks, coming up with fresh ideas, and recently I stumbled up a few Disney Princess make-up tutorials.  It is like the stars have aligned!  Today I will be bringing you some of my favorite Disney princess make overs.  Be sure to comment on their videos and subscribe to their Youtube channels!  I'll be featuring other Disney tutorials later (even villains!).  Hope you like this light-hearted post!


I love Promise.  She's not only a truly gifted makeup artist but she should credit for her magician work in all of her total transformations!  She rocks!  This tutorial is neat because Promise gives you some ideas to make Ariel your own!  Love it!

by Jen from From Head to Toe
I love the eyeshadow.  So beautiful!  So talented! So princess.  So Jasmine!

Snow White
By Michelle Phan

This girl has talent!  I love the way she puts her own touches on the bell look.  That way you can take what you like and leave what you don't!

by Kandee Johnson

Once again I am bringing you some of my absolute favorites!  I love Kandee Johnson because she knows and shares all of these great professional makeup tips!  I love that she's got personality and isn't just telling you put this here and dah, dah, dah.  She really loves what she does!  I love how into her tutorials she gets.  She's great!

by Destiny
I love Tiana.  She is one of my favorites!  I love the flawless look she creates and how true to Disney's Tiana she sticks.  How pretty!

Check back for some of my favorite Disney hero tutorials!  :D

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