Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Hop with Focused on the Magic

I am out for Thanksgiving break so I actually get to hop!  Today the theme is Thanks for the Memories.  Here is a picture that is forever sealed in my favorite memories!  Have a happy Thanksgiving hoppers!!!!!

one word for this caption....

Keep the hop love going!

Focused on the Magic

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Eating Like a Boy!

What are little boys made of?  Well, the old saying you are what you eat might fit in here!  Today we'll be taking a look at what and where to eat while at Disney World with your little boy.  What will suit your snake, snail, and puppy dog tail lovin' little man?  Take a look at a few of my picks!

Magic Kingdom
Casey's Corner - This baseball themed restaurant will put you in the mall to watch a real game.  From bleacher styled sweats to stadium favorites like hot dogs, you'll want to make it a double.  The wait staff don full stylized baseball gear and the smells leaking through the doorway and out onto Mainstreet USA will be a grand slam with your little guy.   

Le Cellier is about as meat and potatos as you can get.  Dudes like meat and potatoes.  Especially meat and potatoes that are accompanied by cheese.  When steak is on the kid's meal you know you are in for a treat!  Le Cellier offers the great place for your bottomless pit to fill up!
Disney's Hollywood Studios
The Sci-Fi Diner is the perfect place for your little guy.  Complete with cars to dine in and a movie playing while you eat, this restaurant has it all.  The menu features kid favorites like pizza, burgers, and mac and cheese.  Plus there are cool specials like a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom
Pizzafari is a kid's dream.  Pizza here and there and everywhere!  Little pizza enthusiasts will be over the moon for this dining option. 

So what kinds of snack will your guy like?  It probably would be easy to say what snacks won't your guy like?
-Turkey Legs
-Ice cream of any sort
-Candy (especially from the Main Street Confectionery!)

Keeping your little boy full of food and fun won't be hard at Disney World.  What are some of your son's favorite spots to grab a bite?  Comment below if you get a chance.  Next in this series we'll be looking at fun fit for a boy in Disney World!  Thanks for reading...much love!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails ...Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice! New Series!

So, did you guess it?  

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"

Okay, first off.  Great guess Michelle.  Second, who even knew that it was snips and not snakes?  Not me, at least not until I started researching for this idea.  I even had to do a little digging to find out what in the world a snip was.  Apparently it was a word meaning bits and pieces (snips as in to cut) of things.  I read on one site that it referred to snips of snails AKA piece of snails. That is gross.

Luckily for you, me, and the rest of the world there is a version that reads snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.  You can imagine my relief when putting this into a blog series through the lens Disney World.  Finding Kaa the snake was much easier than coming up with some random conglomeration of a thing for snips.  And I won't even go into how much of a stretch my sugar and spice and everything nice graphic is.  But hey, it is okay!  So now, on with the show!

Today kicks of a series born out an old rhyme.  I'll be spending a few weeks focusing little boys and then we'll shift to focus on little girls.  What I want this series to do is provide a lot of great Disney World tips, suggestions, and ideas for your little snake, snail, and puppy dog tail lovin' boy or your sugar and spice and everything nice little girl!  I am going to focus on experiences, rides, attractions, shopping, and so much more.  I would love to know what you want to know about Disney World for a little boy or girl.  I am excited to get started on this series and I hope it will help you on your next trip!  
Love ya!


Here's a sneak peak of a new series I am working on.  Can you guess what it will be about?


Thursday, November 3, 2011

School is in: Disney Style!

I saw a shirt on a recent blog post with a photograph of a kid at Disney World.  The shirt said in those famously happy Disney letters something like "Shhh...My Teacher Doesn't Know I'm at Disney World!"

If you didn't know, I am a kindergarten teacher.  I love my job.  I mean love it.  I have the best days filled with learning, fun, and the best kiddos this side of the moon!  I love seeing their eyes light up when we learn new things!  I love talking Disney with them!  That's why I am the opposite of most teachers.  When parents tell me (before they know me) in fully hunched posture that they are planning a trip to Disney, I get pumped.  It is like a piece of me is at Disney when one of my sweet sweet babies is there.  That is why I created a Disney travel bag.  Today I am talking about taking it on the road.  Why not make a Disney trip fun and educational?  This bag is full of fun and today I am breaking it down for you!

I send home these items in a recycle  friendly shopping bag (Disney of Course):

  • A variety of Disney books for reading in the car and during down time at the hotel.

  • A Stitch stuffed animal for squeezing on the ride and after returning to the hotel each night!

  • A journal for writing about your trip once you get home!

  • Personalized park friendly homework!  (want it for your kid or students?  Click here and have this gift from me to you!  Just point your recipient to Disney Done Right Blog for planning and tips!  This was created with a kindergarten kid in mind so you can amp up or down where needed!)
 I make sure to tell my parents that the homework is completely optional and can mostly be done outside of the parks.  I suggest that the parents put the homework print off in their park bag and take a look at it on the ride into the parks.  The "answers" and work can be filled in at the hotel or even once they return from their trip!  This is a fun way to get parents involved and I LOVE seeing the results once the child gets back!   Now this is homework anyone would love! I hope you will find this fun and helpful!