Friday, February 24, 2012

Princesses LOVE Goodie Baskets!

I have been showered with kind words and encouragement for my upcoming half marathon!  But, even better, I have been lavished with thoughtful gifts!  I love presents...a lot!  Here are some of my sweet sweet goodies! I have decided that I am going to pay it forward and make one of these awesome baskets the next time I have a friend running a half or whole marathon! 

A sweet Mother of a student made me this awesome basket!  I can't wait to break into for the half!
  Here is the break down of the items in the basket...

My Girls on the Run!  girls gave me an official 13.1 magnet for my car!  Plus, it is tie dye! 

My sweet sweet friend Pam (she teaches with me) gave me a perfectly princess basket.  Here's a break down of the items in the basket...  (also there is a special card that I have to save until I finish the race!)

My amazing kiddos made me a jar full of well wishes.  Here's the jar and explanation!

Alright, I'll be updating via my twitter account you can access it here:  Wish me luck!!!

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