Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's in a Name? Find out Your Citizen of Hollywood Name!

So, since my post on the Citizens of Hollywood last week, I have been thinking about them A LOT!  I started thinking as I lay down to sleep the other night about what my name would be if I was a Citizen.  The Citizens of Hollywood are cleaverly named with puns a plenty like Ben Appetit, Ruma Hazit, Paige Turner and even some normal names like Shelby Mayer, Flavio Fellini, and Daisy Day to name a few more. So, after much thinking and considering I came up with a few fun names.  How about I'vanah Spotlight or Ima Focus.  What would your name be if you were a Citizen of Hollywood?  Today, I have a treat!  I have worked hard (with a basic knowledge in HTML and such.  By the way check out this site if you want to create your own random name generator) to create a name generator.  Try it out just for kicks!  By the way if you should make it to Hollywood and use this name...remember the little people...ahh--hhemmm...ME!

Alright stars, click below on the leading lady button or leading man button to find out your name in the stars!  Let's get going!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Find out your Citizens of Hollywood name by clicking below. If you aren't thrilled with your name just keep clicking and remember to have fun!

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