Friday, February 24, 2012

Princesses LOVE Goodie Baskets!

I have been showered with kind words and encouragement for my upcoming half marathon!  But, even better, I have been lavished with thoughtful gifts!  I love presents...a lot!  Here are some of my sweet sweet goodies! I have decided that I am going to pay it forward and make one of these awesome baskets the next time I have a friend running a half or whole marathon! 

A sweet Mother of a student made me this awesome basket!  I can't wait to break into for the half!
  Here is the break down of the items in the basket...

My Girls on the Run!  girls gave me an official 13.1 magnet for my car!  Plus, it is tie dye! 

My sweet sweet friend Pam (she teaches with me) gave me a perfectly princess basket.  Here's a break down of the items in the basket...  (also there is a special card that I have to save until I finish the race!)

My amazing kiddos made me a jar full of well wishes.  Here's the jar and explanation!

Alright, I'll be updating via my twitter account you can access it here:  Wish me luck!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Things I HAVE to do at Disney World!

So, do you remember that one time I was two weeks out from my first ever half marathon and I injured my foot and the doctor told me it was tendinitis and I should NOT run on it until the day of the race.  Oh yeah and then I got a cold.  Um, hello!  That is now.  But take heart, I have not given up!  I came close though!!!  I have followed doctors orders, iced, and rested and I am RUNNING this thing in just 6 days.  Apparently and 11 mile run on a gravel road with lots of hills is not a good idea...who knew?  So, as I bike my way into an oblivion (doctor approved and actually recommended to maintain my umph until the big day), I decided I need a little Pollyanna.  I am glad! God is good!  I have had so much going on lately that this time has actually forced me to slow down.  Slowing down to realize where my focus should really be!  Lately I've been reading about the apostle Paul in the book of Acts.  It was only fitting that a sweet friend of mine gave me the best half marathon goodie bag (post to come soon) and the best encouragement with a verse...
1 Corinthians 9:24
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

While I know that Paul didn't intend this to refer to my half marathon, it has touched my heart in just the right way.  And so with encouragement for my physical race and the race which I was created to run by God, I am taking a sigh of relief and posting on a fun topic! 

Did you see the Bucket List?  I am not a fan.  I know that it is inspirational but I think that translates into too sad to me.  I am a happy ending kind of girl.  I kind of wish it had just ended with Morgan Freeman meeting Jesus in Heaven.  That's the best kind of ending right!  That eulogy kills me.  Break out the thanks...I'll just break out a feel good movie like Cinderella. To me, it is so sad that I can't even stomach saying bucket list.  Not even when it comes to Disney.  So, I have decided that I am going to call my list of things I want to do before, well, leaving Disney World something more upbeat.  I'm calling it my "Wonderful Wishes" List.  I know it's the same thing as a bucket list but I want to live life to the fullest while I am here on Earth!  I am full of wishes!  Especially Disney World wishes!  So, here is what I am working on for my trip in just a few days!

Wonderful Wishes List 
 - Have a PUSH encounter
-Experience something extraordinary
-Finish a half marathon
-Ride something that scares me!
-See my sweet nephew's face when he first sees "Meena Mouwwse" (he's only 2...I've trained him well!)
-Eat a beignet at Port Orleans
-See a celebrity (I tend to have a lucky streak for this one.  So far this girl from nowhere SC has seen Louie Anderson at Epcot (imdb him and you'll have an "ohhh" moment), Joey Fatone (OMG!  I still love NSYNC!) at Universal Studios Harry Potter, Meagan Fox, Brian Austin Green, Olivia Wilde, and that red head girl from We Are Marshall at the Four Seasons Maui.
-Eat tonga toast

What are your wishes?  list them below in the comments!  I am getting excited!!!  Whatever your roadblock may be I hope you find encouragement!  Love you all....6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Belle Princess Half Marathon Possibilities!

Here is what I am working on for my costume. Keep in mind this is just a Polyvore created styleboard and I am making my own apron (a runner friendly apron, tacked down to the skirt to hold my camera and sports beans if they work out in my test run). I am not sure about the necklace. If I can find one at Forever 21 for dirt cheap I might do it. Also I am working on two other...surprises (little details here folks). I can't do much more than this...I get hot when I run!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eat This...NOT That!!!

Alright Disney fans, thanks for putting up with my Disney Princess Half Marathon training posts!  I only days away from the big day (15 but who's counting...ME!).  I am running like crazy and learning new things.  I can't wait to do this thing and enjoy a week of blog research (I'll call it that for now) at Disney World.  I promise a lot of new Disney World stuff!  I've got ADR's for tea at the Grand Floridian and I am working on a Magic list of things I want to do/see this trip!  So, for today let's focus on food to eat and not to eat when training and running 13.1 miles!  Keep in mind this is what has worked for me!  Your stomach might be different than mine.  Your legs might work better if you eat one thing, while mine turn to lead.  Either way here are my suggestions...

Before the run...
For the love of carbs.  Here is what I've careful what you eat the night before your long run.  Greasy and spicy foods make my run no fun.  I fuel my body with carbs and stay away from lots of spices and oils.  The day before the run I try to stay away from ruffage like lettuce.  I've tested out spaghetti which is what I will be eating pre-race and it worked pretty well.  I've found that as long as I eat something pretty neutral I have enough umph to make it.  

Just before the run...
So here is where I have been doing a lot of experimenting.  I typically run just before lunch.  I've found that eating something on the bland side about 2 hours or so before my run helps me.  I like bread, bananas, peanut butter, yogurt, and bagels.  These food have worked for my stomach and my energy level.  The old saying "you are what you eat" is true for me.  I ate cinnamon rolls a couple of weeks ago and felt like a big fat blob as I trudged on.  No good.  

While you run...
There are a lot of fuel sources to use in a long run.  I've heard of GU gels, GU chomps, Jelly Belly Sports beans, and the list continues.  I am particularly fond of the Jelly Belly Sports Beans.  I eat some at the 10k mark and again at the second 10k mark.  I pop about 6 and as far as I know they do the trick (I haven't dropped mid race yet so we'll call that a win!)

After you run...
A lot of people out there say that chocolate milk is the best thing to drink after a hard run. I tried this out and I agree (when is chocolate milk bad...someone remind me again?). I've also tried Luna Bars and even chocolate chip cookies.  I usually just try to eat something that will take my blood sugar level back up.  I tend to get a bit...bleh feeling (technical terms friends) after a long run.  Getting something in within 30 minutes of finishing helps me feel better!

Hydration Situation...
Okay, hydration is super important!  Hydrating before, during, and after a run help make me a happy camper!  It is especially important to hydrate when using beans or gels.  Your body is much happier when it is watered!  Don't forget to test out you hydration method.  For me good ole' fashioned H2O does the trick!  

Alright, all this writing about food has made me hungry!  I'm always hungry now that I am running all the time.  I'm going to find something to eat!  In 14 days I'll be eating as many Mickey Mouse ice cream bars as possible.

Monday, February 6, 2012

It's all in the Shoes!

Before my life as a runner, my theory was pick out a pair that fit well and look cute and you are set to go.  As I transitioned into this new found life I have come to the revelation that shoes matter.  Not necessarily the brand and not just the color or cool feature.  The fit matters!  So, my sister and I visited a running store in Greenville called On On Tri.  The team there helped us to find our best fitting shoe.  They looked at my feet standing and had me run in tons of shoes.  After narrowing my selection down to three pairs of shoes, I put each on for a final road test.  The differences were subtle but, in the end I found a pair of shoes I LOVE!  They are supportive, roomy, comfortable, squishy, and everything else my feet were missing in my BOGO rack room kick arounds!  And then the guys at On On Tri did something that made me a little nervous... they cut my shoes!  Okay, I know there are a lot of opinions on this technique.  And to be completely honest, I am not really technically sure what the whole shoe cutting thing is about.  My novice understanding of this method is that cutting into the soles of the shoe allow the foot to bend/flex/move with the shoe as naturally as possible (sort of like the new shoes on market for example Nike Free Runs with free sipes).  According to this process of cutting into the soles of shoes or siping was invented by Paul Sperry (the boat shoe guy) after watching his dog run on ice.  Sperry noticed the groves on his dog's paw and watched the dog run over ice without falling.  He patented a process termed razor siping where thin lines are strategically cut into the shoes soles.  Today we use this method to create a more comfortable fitting shoe that mimics the human foot.  Added bonuses of this comfort are stability.  So there we are my beautiful new running shoes, soles as white as they'd ever be and I am asked if I want them cut.  My sister tells me all about it and I send them off to be mutated!  What a GREAT call!  I feel like the shoes are an extension of my feet.  As I run on trails of gravel, bumpy sidewalk, smooth asphalt, and everywhere in between, my feet are smiling!  So, what did this teach me?

1.) Fit matters.  Look for an expert to help you.  On On Tri rocked my running world.  Look for your local running or triathlon store and set up a fitting.  Before being fit by an expert I would have picked a pair off the rack in a 7.5.  Well, I found out that for running shoes, an 8 is a better choice.  Who knew? 
2.) To cut or not to cut?  That is the question...I choose cut!  I love that my shoes allow my feet to work as they were created!
3.) When in doubt, give them a try.  I have never been to a shoe store where you are encouraged to run in your shoes on the street.  I liked the freedom to take a test drive!
4.)  Pick what works for you.  You know your body best.  At the end of the fitting I was left with 3 pairs of shoes that "worked" for my feet.  I was ultimately in charge of picking what worked best for me.  And what a stinkin' cute pair I got...they are pink and fabulous and fit for a princess!

 20 Days until we do this thing!