Friday, August 17, 2012

Princess Aurora (Make it Pink....Make it Blue!) Princess Half Marathon Possibilities!

Friday, August 10, 2012

We're all in This Together: Magic Maker!

Today we end this summer series.  We focused on everything from the very beginning planning stages to actually roaming the parks.  Today we are taking a look at how you and your family can interact with cast members during your stay. I have a lot of friends with small children who make the entire stay a magical experience!  I love the idea of interacting with cast members (beyond just the characters).  Today we will look at a few cute ideas to keep the magic going for the cast members of Disney!

1.  Decorate your resort room

I've read about this and seen a lot of pictures but, I've never actually done this.  Here's the deal, you can purchase simple decorations to adorn your resort room with during your stay.  If it's a holiday (like Christmas or Halloween) this would be really simple as you could purchase window clings and paper decorations from your local dollar store.  I love that this makes your room more like home.  After all, they do say "welcome home" when you arrive at your resort.  I say, own it!

2. Leave a note for the cast member that cleans your resort room

My friend takes a small dry erase board and encourages her children to "pen pal" write with the cast member who cleans the room.  You can just leave the board in a noticeable place in your room and write a message encouraging the cast member to write back.  Ask questions about their favorite ride or for their best tips.  Maybe you'll just write I hope you have a good day!  Either way, if you have ever stayed on property you know that the cast members love to amp up your resort room stay, creating animals from wash cloths, setting  up playful scenes with your children's toys, and keeping your room clean!  They are sure to love this special idea!

3. Trade pins with cast members

This seems simple but, cast members love to trade pins.  If you've never heard of pin trading, I'll do a post on it soon.  Basically it is a (pretty serious) pin collecting system.  You can buy starter kits, individual lanyards, and even individual pins.  The cool thing is that you can trade with anyone throughout the parks who is willing to trade!  The even cooler thing is that cast members sporting a pins are required to trade.  There are even special 12 and under trading sets (they are on green lanyards/belt).  There are a few more rules to pin trading so stay tuned if you are interested.  Cast members love trade pins and they have a lot of knowledge about the pins if you are a newbie!

4.  Say hello!

Cast members have a name tag for a reason.  I love to address them by name.  You don't have to do this in a creepy way...they love it when you talk with them!  I make sure to thank them by name! They make my experience so magical!  I'm so grateful for all their hard work!

5.  Write a thank you note/make a thank you picture

If a cast member goes above and beyond, let them know.  I love authentic writing (#teacherproblems).  Simple stationary, art supplies, and stickers will make for the perfect pick me up for a cast member!  You can give them directly to your caring cast member.  I've even seen printable cards on other sites (similar to Valentine's cards).  Think of how happy your bus driver, ride attendant, or concierge will be to be recognized!

What is something you do to make magic for your kids and the cast members?  Thanks for joining me on this (very stretched out) summer series!  Leave your suggestions for magic makers in the comment section below!  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a good start to the school year (I go back to school next week and the kids come the following week).  Have a magical day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Half Marathon Inspiration

Lately, I've been posting Polyvore styleboards like a mad woman.  There is reason behind my insanity.  I've been in and out of town for the past month and I thought something quick (in terms of posting) would be best.  I just came back from an amazing mission trip in Guatemala where we saw Jesus in big ways!  I am so glad to be able to share with you all!  Thank you for your understanding as I was away for a while.  When I look at my hourly, daily, and weekly stats, I am seeing huge amounts of hits on my Princess Half Marathon 2011 prep: (taking the plunge and registering for the halfwhat to eat while training/running, music to run to, it's all in the shoes,  half treats fit for a princess,  and review, and the final big reveal!  posts.
  I'm also seeing a lot of searches stem from Google searches for things like "princess half marathon outfits", "princess half what to wear", and "which princess should I be for the princess half".  Also, I am seeing a lot of visitors from Pinterest as I posted my Belle outfit from last year.  So, I thought, what better way to give the readers what they want than to create and pin a few inspired outfits.  I am still working on them and they'll post occasionally, but I didn't want you guys to get confused!  So, if you are running the half, what are your thoughts on outfits?  If you haven't checked out our Pinterest page, do it!  Pin away friends!  I'll have the final post of we're all in this together up by the end of the week.  School starts back for me next Tuesday (prayers please as I have to address the entire faculty/staff of my district at our back to school rally...hooray for public speaking!).  I love you all and call you all my family!  Thank you for reading!