Saturday, October 20, 2012

Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora

So this is love!  That is what I said when I first heard about the new Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora.  What more could this Disney obsessed  makeup junkie, princess lovin' girl ask for?  I love it all!  So, I went to my local Sephora this week and I picked up the eyeshadow palette and fragrance and today I am giving you an up close view of this beautiful collection with lots of pictures and swatches.  I'm no beauty guru and I'm certainly not a photographer, but I hope you'll enjoy my girl next door approach!   I am really loving what I purchased and I will probably be going to pick up the nail polish set soon!  From the packaging to the theme, Sephora executed Disney like it was there job!  I hope you'll catch my review on of these products over on Chip and Co. later this week.  Maybe you'll experience the magic and pick up your own magical makeup collection!

Here is a picture of the packaging.  I especially love the UPC codes; they've morphed from the typical rectangle to something a little more enchanting!

Alright, first up, here is the Storybook Eyeshadow Palette.  It contains 20 colors with matte shadows, shimmer,  pearl shadows, and a handful of glittery shadows.  Here's the shot of the entire palette and then row by row, each followed with a swatch (first w/out an eyelid primer and then w/ the primer)

Disney Consumer Products listed the following descriptions of each color:

Shades include: 
Maiden - The drape on Cinderella's first gown (glittery magenta) 
All A Glow - The fairy godmother's skin (shimmering tan) 
Destined - Cinderella's ball gown in the moonlight (light blue pearl) 
Cinderelly - The sleeves on Cinderella's work dress (sea foam green matte) 
Pumpkin Coach - The trim on Cinderella's coach (cream gold) 
Ball Gown - Cinderella's earrings at the ball (pearl white pearl) 
Kill Joy - Anastasia's comb (shimmering taupe) 
Fairy Godmother - The fairy godmother's cloak at midnight (periwinkle) 
Glass Slipper - Cinderella's glass slipper at midnight (light blue shimmer) 
Royal - Drizella's feather (matte bright blue) 
Gus Gus - Gus Gus's shirt (gold shimmer) 
Charming - The King's epaulette's (nude pearl) 
Chateau - Cinderella's work skirt (brown shimmer) 
Palace - The curtains behind Prince Charming and Cinderella during their first dance (rose gold shimmer) 
Drizella - Drizella's hair (medium brown golden shimmer) 
Cinders - Cinders swept by Cinderella (black with gold glitter) 
Jaq - Jaq's skin (mauve matte gold shimmer) 
Midnight - Cinderella's choker (midnight blue with light blue glitter) 
A Wish - The moonlight when Cinderella and Prince Charming are on the bridge (cream pearl) 
Rococo - Anastasia's bodice (plum with multi glitter)

So, what do you think?  Isn't it Bibbidi Bobbidi beautiful?  I think so!  And the exciting part, the write up in the Storybook Eyeshadow palette says "Introducing the first in the Reigning Beauties Collection" and you'll notice the gold lettering on the side of the palette indicating this is Volume lovers get excited for what appears to be the start of something beautiful!  The new reigning beauty will be released Spring 2013!!! Click or stop by your local Sephora to pick up yours!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party: Tricks and Treats

Happy fall ya'll!  That's what we say around my parts!  Fall is in the air, leaves are starting to make their beautiful transformation.  Stores are busting at the seams with costumes and candy...Halloween is just around the corner and the Magic Kingdom is the perfect place to spend one of your autumn nights! Today I have some tricks to share with you all to get the most treats out of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!  I'm breaking it down into my top 10 reasons you should stop what you're doing right now and get your tickets!  The entire party is so much fun!  It is worth the extra ticket price and you'll experience the Magic Kingdom like never before.  With parades, shows, spooky music, and more candy than you can are sure to have a dreadfully delightful time!  So without any more delay boys and ghouls, let's party!

#10 Ghostly freights

Who doesn't love a good scare?  I loved the creepy but not too creepy music, lighting, and fog (this was Mickey's Not So Scary  Halloween Party after all).  Spooky good music is pumped through the parks- trust me, there is nothing like hearing Thriller as you walk through the haze of a totally transformed Adventureland!  Every bit of the Magic Kingdom is made over in true Halloween fashion!  My favorite fright is found over at my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom, the Haunted Mansion.  The cast members are made over (literally) and take on an even drearier appearance (with face makeup and spider webs).  Also, there was some streetmosphere of sorts outside of the Haunted Mansion, as we zipped through the queue we heard a conversation with a ghost, a southern bell ghost!  What a great touch!  It was scary good fun!

Quick Tip: If you are are traveling with little ones, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are kid friendly.  Adventureland, Frontierland, and the Liberty Square area had fun fog machines, ghouled out cast members at the Haunted Mansion, and eerie lighting.  The weren't too scary, but for little ones they may pose a fright!

#9 Low Crowd = Ride Till You Drop

After a pretty (unexpectedly) crowded week in the parks, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party offered us a reprieve!  Goodbye 85 minute waits for Space Mountain...hello walk right on!  Take advantage of the smaller crowds with this ticketed event and ride till you drop.  We literally closed the park that night and it was totally worth it!   

Quick Tip:  The later the night goes, the better your "ride without a wait" opportunity is.  Working around the parade schedule will help.  There are two parades so you can watch a parade and "ride" a parade!  You'll get your treats with this tip!

#8 Candy, Candy, Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, then MNSSHP is for you!  I wasn't sure that the candy pay off would be worth my while, but after carrying around a bag heavy with candy, (it seriously felt about 5 lbs.) I have changed my mind!  There are candy spots set up along the Magic Kingdom.  These spots are labeled on the map and they can be found by the jack-o-lantern Mickey globe lanterns.  No one says you can't go through twice and we took full advantage of that.  Cast members drop a handful of candy in your bag (bags like the one with Wreck it Ralph below, are provided with your ticket but feel free to bring your own).  Plus, the candy is legit!  I got Twix, Skittles, lollipops, Almond Joy bars, Snickers, and so much more!  

Quick Tip:  Don't try to trick or treat for the first 30 minutes of the official party (remember, you can get in as early as 4:00 but, the official doors to the party open at 7:00).  The mad rush of the gates opening sends a mob of masked guests to get that candy.  We waited in the first line for about 15 minutes.   After that, we decided to ride a couple of rides and by the time we went back to trick or treat, the lines were low...almost non existent!  Also, make sure to hit up the Splash Mountain and Tomorrowland areas as they are the jackpot of the lot!  (look for a post coming soon just on making your experience at MNSSHP SWEET!!!)

#7 Haunted Mansion

I loved all the nods to the Haunted Mansion.  Beyond the ride, you'll find Haunted Mansion featured in the Boo! To You  Parade.  Included in the Haunted fun are grave diggers bearing shovels which spark with fright on the streets of the Magic Kingdom!  I loved seeing Phineas, Gus, and Ezra (the Hitchhiking ghosts) as they moved robotically on the float.  I loved the special Photopass stops in front of the Haunted Mansion as well as the streetmosphere provided at the queue.  I just loved that so much love was shown for this beloved park favorite!  I really think you'll find all this to be a haunting good time!

Quick Tip:  Make sure to swing by the Haunted Mansion to get once in a lifetime photos from Disney's Photopass photographers.  You'll be dead sorry you missed it!  

#6 Costume Central

I loved the fact that I got to ride all my favorite rides dressed up like a pirate and nobody cared.  That's probably because I was riding with Flynn Rider, Elphaba, Peter Pan, a freakishly tall monster man, princesses, Avengers, etc.  I love that families participated!  I loved seeing creativity the likes of Pinterest come alive in my favorite place!  

Quick Tip:  Plan your costume ahead of time and YES, do dress up.  Even something simple like a cowboy (jeans, plaid shirt, boots, and cowboy hat) will do!  Don't skip dressing up because you'll be sad!  

#5 Hallowishes!

I  always say watch the fireworks.  But...gasp...I actually didn't slow down to watch on this particular night.  We were actually on It's a Small World as they started and after rushing to get around to my favorite viewing spot (bad Disney blogger...I should've been there...right?).  I decided to enjoy them whilst I walked...and then I decided to break norms and ride while everyone else watched.  And ride I did...after I loaded up on candy (and gummies) with NO WAIT AT ALL!!!!  The fireworks were lovely, I did see them.  I just got a 360 degree view!  Thank goodness for Youtube...right?


Quick Tip:  If you are enjoying the fireworks (walking or standing) make sure you hang out after.  Many guests leave for the night after fireworks or the final parade and then you have a very empty park all to yourself!  If you have little ones, I suggest bringing a stroller and taking a mid day nap or slow down!  Play until things wrap up at  midnight and you'll be happy!

#4 Photographs to Die For

Okay, so you should know by now that I love taking photographs!  I loved the opportunities for great shots that MNSSHP provided me!  From your costumed children (or yourself) to character photo spots, you are in luck and have the added joy of no sun hanging over as you wait (in a fairly quick) line!  My favorite photo spot is a Disney lovers dream; if you make your way over to Frontierland, you'll find ALL 7 dwarfs ready to pose and tease with you!  This photo is a rare find in the parks and I definitely took advantage (I had disassembled my costume in order to ride Big Thunder and Splash Mountain).  

Quick Tip:  Photo spots are for photos only, meaning no autographs aloud.  Be ready for your turn by having your camera and Photopass card out.  No worries if you don't have a Photopass card, the photographer will have empty cards ready to be loaded with your photos!

#3 Dance for a Spell

I love Disney dance parties!  I wrote about my love for all things 626 over on Disney Dispatch a while back.  I was not surprised by how much fun MNSSHP's edition of Club 626 (one of  2 character dance parties).  I heard Thriller as I was exiting Space Mountain and I couldn't help but groove on over!  

Quick Tip:  If you find yourself drawn to the dancing fun, get your camera out!  Pluto, Stitch, Goofy, Chip, and Dale all make there way onto the dance floor and magic truly happens!  Be ready to capture the memories!

#2 Get into the Mood

I love the detail that Disney gives us!  This detail is especially haunting at MNSSHP!  From the haunting lights cast on Cinderella Castle to the thoughtful scenery placed around candy spots, Disney doesn't fail on carrying out the theme of Halloween!  I love that "regular" guests get to see the nods to autumn and Halloween throughout the park in the day and I love even more that "party" guests get to see a different side of the parks at night!  You can purchase some decorations straight out of the parks if you are inspired by the parks!

Quick Tip:  Take a moment to take it all in.  Standing in front of the castle you'll notice the lights changing and morphing this landmark into a creepy version!  Take time to enjoy this spooky treat! 

#1 Boo to You! Parade

Okay, hands down, my favorite part of this party!  I LOVED this parade. From the actual (well sort of) headless horseman barreling horseback through the Magic Kingdom to the dancing characters and Captain Jack Sparrow (yes please), everything about this parade was delightful.  As a treat, I recorded it on my iPad but I am having SO much trouble getting it up!  I am going to try to add it in so please forgive me!  And while we are on forgiveness  keep in mind the quality is so so.  Please know that yes, indeed this blogger was practicing my soccer mom skills and filming with my left and snapping photos with my right.  I hope you'll enjoy this video version...IF it will ever upload!  

Quick tip:  This parade starts in Frontierland and at Main Street USA.  I typically like to sit near Town Hall but for this parade we sat in Frontierland.  Make sure you decide which parade you're going to watch (8:15 or 10:30 and get your place early!)

I am working on another post that features a list of tips to get the most for your ticket to MNSSHP.  If you enjoyed this, I hope you'll check out my review for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!  

Happy Halloween!  
Oh, and BOO! to you!