Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Nights! Magic Under the Moon: Go Nighttime!

It is stinkin' hot!  Florida summers bring along with them some of the absolute worst conditions; sweltering heat, crowded parks, daily've really got to put on your big girl/boy pants and muster up the courage to take on the parks in the summer season! But for those of us that will pretty much do anything short of a crime to go to Disney World, having a little summer survival swagger...yeah, I just wrote all that it takes to suck the pure goodness that is the summer sweetness, out of the parks!  Today, we are making a case nighttime at Disney World when for those days that the elements win out!

Nighttime is the perfect time for Disney!  With Extra Magic Hours to let you play late into the night, there really is no reason that you should spend all of your day baking under the sun.  For that reason, our first point of discussion is....

Taking a midday break is NOT a bad thing.  

I know, I know.  It may seem like a waste of time and money to return to your hotel for a midday break.  Maybe a dip in the pool or if you are hardcore like me, a nap?   Maybe you'll just go back and watch some TV.  Whatever the reason, if you have been pushing through the hot, crowded, stormy parks without taking a break, what does your "in park" quality of life look like?  Meltdowns?  Tears? Arguments?  I am going to safely say that this was probably on the adult end of the family...  Am I right?
Technically it isn't really your fault anyway.  Think about it, you're likely overheated, exhausted, dehydrated, and overwhelmed.  So, what would help.  Three words...

Take. A. Break!

That's right!  This die hard Disney fan who wants to squeeze every last penny out of her trip and often finds herself on go mode and headed toward the worst kind of meltdown, me, I am telling you to take a break  I recommend hitting the parks early and ducking out for a break (we're only talking 2 hours or so) and coming back refreshed and renewed for a night FULL of fun!  Fight the urge to rationalize-just take the break.  I PROMISE that you'll actually squeeze more out of your time in the parks if you aren't having a temper tantrum!

Tips to Do it Right:  
-Take a break when the sun is at its hottest!
-Staying on Disney property makes taking a break more doable.
-Use break time to recharge not only yourself but also your electronics!
-Don't neglect dining reservations and Fastpasses.  Plan your breaks around your activities and not your activities around your breaks.

Line it up right!  

I don't know about you, but I would much rather wait in a long line under the comfort of the moon!  Don't get me wrong, it is still warm at night, but it is a far stretch from the midday oven that is Florida.  I suffer from migraines and the sun actually does a number on my head, so I'll take the moon any day!  Just think, because you were smart and took that midday nap, you'll be able to enjoy waiting in that line! 

Tips to Do it Right: 
-Take advantage of Fastpasses if they are available!
-Use the cool night to your advantage!  Ride the long (outdoor) wait rides then rather than during the day!
-If you don't take advantage of the fireworks or parades...RIDE!!!!  The lines are minimal and the park is yours!
-You can ride right up until closing.  Generally, this means that if you are in line at closing, you should be able to ride.  LIVE it up!

Activities at night

Disney doesn't go to sleep when the sun goes down!  Don't ever think that the fun stops because the moon is out!  It's actually a far cry from that!  Disney World comes to life at night!  With everything from nightly parades and fireworks to special in park dance parties and events, Disney does nighttime right!  Don't call it an early night when you are at Disney World!  Play, dance, watch, and ride the night away!

Tips to Do it Right:
-I don't recommend dinner in the Cinderella Castle (Cinderella's Royal Table) during wishes. My sister made this mistake.  It wasn't a good experience for her  Fireworks and -Nighttime parades are a must...for me at least...especially Wishes!!!!!!
-Use the Times Guide to find out about special dance parties and nighttime activities!

 You choose...ride or watch?

Rides and attractions run during the fireworks, nighttime shows, and parades.  Here's a not so secret, secret...a lot of people drop everything to watch.  That means that the lines are virtually gone!  I've taken advantage of the Main Street Electric Parade on many an occasion!  I rode Peter Pan's flight with a WALK ON LINE!  Every other time, the wait was at least 45 minutes, definitely Fastpassable.  Take advantage of those short lines!

Tips to Do it Right:
-If there are two parades, go to the later parade.  Many of the park guests will watch the first and leave the park when the parade ends. The benefits are threefold:  short lines during the parade, lower crowds after the parade, and better viewing for the second parade.  What the heck...a fourth bonus...monorail, tram, and bus lines will be shorter to!  JUST DO IT!!!

Alright, so how many of you are thinking that hitting the parks at night is a good idea?  I know I do!  That's not to say that the day isn't good too!  Nighttime brings out a whole new magical element to the parks!  hopefully you'll use these tips this summer to make the most of the Most Magical Place on Earth! Join us for the second post I this series, focusing on specific nighttime parades, shows, and fireworks!  Keep it magical y'all!

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